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Citizens ...........finally !

Monday dawned bright, early and hot !! We set off for the foreshore and arrived at 7am for a cooked brekkie of bacon, sausage, eggs, bread and beans. Then at 8.15 we sat down in the reserved seats and waited for the ceremony to start. We felt very priviledged as quite a few of our friends turned up to see us although it might have been better if we hadn't known anyone. Loads of people were becoming citizens so I felt ok knowing that I'd be able to slide to the back ........... as if !! They made 4 go up onto the stage at a time to say the oath !! Anyway, it all went off without a hitch and we were given a native plant, framed citizenship certificate, pen, City of Mandurah badge, bookmark with the national anthem on and a copy of the oath. They also made sure I signed up there and then to vote at the next elections (it's compulsory here!). After all that and posing for the photos we went home and stuffed a cooler bag with food and headed for Perth, we met up with Rob and her family at the train station and then mum and Mike at Perth train station and headed for the esplanade. There was lots of free entertainment for the kids in Perth, Nakita and Lexie even managed to play the drums and then at 9pm the half hour firework spectacular started. It was a very long, tiring and emotional day especially as we had to say goodbye to Mum and Mike at the end, but definitely one never to be forgotten - now we just need Pauls ceremony on 19th February and we'll all be officialy citizens.

Then on Friday Tallulah had her orientation day at school. She had to wear her sports uniform and didn't get off to a great start by trying to get away with not wearing the official socks (Freddies are very hot on uniform!) Luckily hawk eyed Nakita spotted them and dobbed her sister in so she was sent off with a flea in her ear. One of Tallulah's friends is also going and they are going to get the two busses in and back from the second week and this week Tayla's mum is taking them both in and I am picking up so that helps out tomorrow as both girls had to start at the same time at two different schools !

So tomorrow sees them both back at school, we shouldn't be seeing too much of T after that as she will be hit with 1.5 hours homework a night which she has never had before. Peace will regin at last. Mind you, I am counting down the days until the next school hols in 10 weeks time. Although on saying that, it is fantastic that their first day back at school coincides with the superbowl which for us starts at 10am .... a much more civilised hour !!

07:30 - Sun 1 February 2009

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