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For all those planning on coming over to visit, you will need to understand the Aussie strine (language). The following english words are interpreted for you :

Chips = hot chips
Crisps = chips
Sweets = lollies
Pumpkin = squash
Squash = cordial
Soft drink (ie fizzy) = cool drink
Trousers = pants / longs
Pants = jocks (only boys though...girls ones are still known as knickers)
Project = pro-ject (with the pro as in pro sportsperson)
Yogurt = yo-gert (with the yo as in yo-yo)
Avro = afternoon
Pepper = capsicum
Aubergine = eggplant
Courgette = zucchini
Woodlice = slater
King size bed = queen size
Queen size bed = king size
Beer in a bottle = stubby
Cool bag/box = eski
Washing power = laundry soap
Washing up liquid = dishwasher liquid  
Flip flops = thongs
Field = paddock
Chicken = chook
Patio = refers to a roof over, rather than the paving floor
Router (as in PC) = Rowter
Route (as in journey) = hmmmm something I won't put on here!
Linen = manchester ????????????????????????
Candy floss = fairy floss (and there is something here called fairy bread which is bread and butter with hundreds and thousands on top!!!!)
CV = resume
Plaster = bandaid
Trainers = sneakers/runners
Vest top = singlet
Marker pen = texter
Hoover = vacuum cleaner (I guess hoover is a brand name)
Swimming costume = bathers
public school = state school
cling film = glad wrap
sunglasses = sunnies
in fact almost everything here is known by a brand name as opposed to the actual item !

12:32 - Mon 26 January 2009

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