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hols nearly over

Not long left of the school hols now so we are trying to make the most of them.

On Tuesday we headed up to Scitech with Robyn and Lexie (Tallulah abandoned us for a daytrip with a friend and Aunt to Perth as Scitech is boring!)  where we spent ages playing with all the sciency things. We also got the train up and back to so was a perfect day out.

On Friday it was Paul's 40th, so I baked 23 cupcakes and made a cupcake birthday cake complete with candles and sparklers. We managed to get Paul a surfboard for his birthday and Tallulah made him some CD's for his car and the obligatory massive bar of chocolate - I think he was happy with it all ! For tea we headed down to the forshore and cooked hotdogs on the free bbqs fab day.

Saturday was surfing again only this time Paul was on his new board ! Both Paul and Matt were standing up quite well but Nakita isn't quite there yet. We also watched the suicidal body boarders who ride the rips as they crash into each other and just miss the rocks .... fun to watch but pure madness. In the evening we all went out to Scusi restuarant to celebrate Pauls 40th and mums birthday, another great night.

This week I also heard that I didn't get the job, am not too upset as I didn't want to work but we really could do with the money at the minute especially as the lotto win is alluding us ! So instead I am concentrating every effort on the Body Shop business ... so watch this space !

Today is Mum's birthday so yet more cake ! Tomorrow is Australia Day and our citizenship ceremony. It starts at 7am and I think I'll go wearing my pjs !

02:10 - Sun 25 January 2009


Well done on the citizenship! How was the ceremony? We went to our friends in Rocky yesterday and it was lovely.

Jules x

julesandco - 12:04 - Tue 27 January 2009

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