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This week Nakita had a behind the scenes experience booked at the zoo. So Nakita, Tallulah and I left at some silly hour and drove up to the zoo and dropped Nakita off, Tallulah and I then headed on the ferry (all included in the bus/train fare !) over to Perth where we met Mum and Mike. We spent a few hours in the museum which completely underwhelmed Tallulah (but Nakita would have loved it !) before heading back to the zoo to pick up Nakita. As she had free zoo entry we all went in and demolished our picnic before spending a long time walking round the zoo in the heat !

Nakita told us how she had prepared ice blocks with food in for the sunbears (who had a baby!) and how they saw the tortoise who was sick and it had hissed at them and how all the animals including the meerkats had babies so she obviously had a fantastic time. However, by the end all of our feet were burning and we were exhuasted. We headed back to the house Mum was letting and had chicken and chips for tea and then very shortly afterwards the girls and I headed over to where we were staying and by 9pm the only sound was snoring !

The next morning we spent having a nose around Subiaco and being thoroughly spoilt before heading home. It was lovely being able to stay so close to Perth after the zoo but no amount of persuasion will get Paul to move ! 

Friday saw me having my first aussie interview, which was different. I am used to lots of tests followed by countless grillings but this was a doddle with barely a question asked ........ something tells me I haven't got the job but you never know !

08:42 - Sun 18 January 2009

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