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This week has just been one for water, luckily really as the temps have been 35 or more all week.

The girls both had vacswim the last fortnight and Tallulah once more passed her level so is now on level 10. Nakita just missed out due to her breaststroke but she should pass when she has her lessons in the sea when school returns. At least they both got exercise and they love swimming especially as daddy took them as he's still off work and nanny and grandad watched once and so did I !

On Saturday Nakita and Paul had their first surfing lesson. Paul managed to stand a couple of times but not for long and Nakita just enjoyed herself body boarding on the surf board but I hope she has better luck next week. Tallulah and I made it down for support but whilst Tallulah just lounged on the beach with her ipod, I went in the water body boarding. The waves were pretty good and it put a few ghosts to rest as it's the same beach, Pyramid Beach, where Paul died nearly two years ago. I think we've decided that will be our weekly Saturday morning jaunt - at least it'll get us all out of bed early as from 11 onwards the waves get quite strong. The instructor pointed out to us where the rips are, the permanent one where Paul got caught and the temporary ones which start up depending on time of day, weather etc. He also explained to them that surfers use the rips to get further out for the waves which was really scary not only because rips terrify me but also because someone was 'lost' to a shark recently near here and there have been a few sightings since. Whose idea was it to come to Oz ??

The rest of the time it has been too hot to do much, we don't have air con so the pool has been used a lot and, depsite the agro and cost, has been a very worthwhile investment !

Next week it's supposed to be cooler with a couple of days in the late 20s which will be nice as we have a very busy week ahead once again ..... what's new ??


03:13 - Sun 11 January 2009

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