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New Year

New Years eve was once more spent on the Mandurah foreshore. Mum and mike had arrived earlier in the day so we all headed down complete with blankets and chairs. The girls hit the english candy store and we just sat around chatting. Karen and her family joined us for the 9pm fireworks and then we decided to give the midnight fireworks a miss and head home for the pool as it was still warm. Karen's family also joined us at home which was nice. So I saw the new year in with unexpected family and a glass of Pimms .......... exactly how it should be !

The rest of the week was spent mooching around and in the pool as it is still pretty hot. Then on Saturday we headed up to Morley for a day of shopping, Mum and Mike headed off after lunch, and after an hour or more spent in the 3 shop because of their appalling customer service ... (don't get me started !!!) .... we had to rush around to get the rest of the school uniform for Tallulah. Not exactly the day I was hoping for especially after it took an hour and a half to get there - never again !!!!!!

Today was much more like it, we were promised a cooler day at 31 degrees (but it was 38 when we got home so no idea what it actually climbed up to) so we headed out to Island Point Reserve on the estuary with Robyn and her family to do a spot of kayaking ... we even took the dog ! Paul and Matt took off first and saw loads of crabs and puffa fish then I went with Tallulah, other than a lot of moaning she did ok, then Lexie took over from Tallulah and did ok paddling out then decided it was too much like hard work. I struggled to get her back but in the end Matt came out and pushed her in as it was fairly shallow !! Next Paul and Nakita went out and finally Nakita and I. Nakita is excellent at paddling and pretty quick too, we did a lengthy run down to nose at some of the houses and she was brilliant, definitely a water babe which is lucky as her surfing lessons start next Saturday ! Only one problem - I'd obviously missed some places with the sun lotion and am a lobster pink in some places !



07:38 - Sun 4 January 2009

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