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Another Christmas in Oz

So this was our third Oz Christmas and definitely the best, not sure though if I'll ever adjust to a warm Christmas (although the day was cold at 24 degrees as opposed to the last two in the 40s).

Mum and Mike came down Christmas Eve and we went to the 11pm service at the local Anglican church. On the way we picked up Karen and Robyn so it was a tight squeeze with 5 adults in the car but we made it ! Got home to discover Paul had been busy - he'd wrapped all the presents, vacuumed, mopped and prepared Christmas dinner, what a star ! Finally got to bed at 2am.

Nakita hit the lights at 4.55am, she had woken Tallulah at 4.30am but Father Christmas hadn't delivered to Tallulah as she no longer believes so Tallulah went back to bed ! We persuaded Nakita to get in bed with us and after lots of thrashing about and turning we gave up at 6am when Tallulah showed up to discover we'd done her a stocking in our room. Stockings over we tried to keep them quiet until Mum and Mike woke up but the stockings had contained a small foghorn so they were dragged out of bed at 7am. The girls did fabulously well with all their presents, they had presents from Mum and Mike, Brett & Gaynor, Dad and Nanny Pat and money from Debs, Aunty Lynne and Grandpa Joe (well Nakita did but it was 10 pounds so unspendable anyway !) so the tree was heaving unlike previous years and Tallulah and Nakita were a bit overawed !

We had a croissant curtesy of mum for brekie followed by a sausage sarnie for dinner (I never want to see another sausage again !) and then tea was marinated steak with a mushroom sauce, wedges and salads - all done on the barbie. Well done Paul !!

Mum, Mike and Paul spent a lot of the day out by or in the pool but it was a bit cold for the girls and I so they played with all their new stuff and I spent the day on my pc sorting out my new tomtom and then Tallulahs new ipod touch. So we all did what we wanted to and never made it to the beach !

Boxing Day was a bit warmer so we mooched around in the morning and then packed a hamper and headed up to Kings Park, we walked around the botanic gardens then drove to the synergy area for a picnic tea (not a sausage in sight !) and then went into the Moonight cinema - and outdoor cinema - to watch Mamma Mia. Good film and I love the outdoor cinema, we all had blankets and hired beanbags so were nice and cosy when the sun went down, result ! Another great day.

The weather is now starting to heat up, it's back to 35 today and expected to get hotter over the next few days. Mum and Mike are next down for New Year and we'll head off to the foreshore for the fireworks then. Tallulah is off camping (!!!) with a mate and we were going to go kayaking in the sea but a guy was taken by a shark yesterday where we were going to go so Nakita and Paul went on the estuary instead. Scary. Luckily we have life assurance as Paul and Nakita are having surfing lessons in January !!!!!


05:28 - Sun 28 December 2008

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