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Tallulah graduated from primary school today and what an eventful day it was !

We all had to go to the first ceremony which was the class book awards. These awards are so prestigeous that the chances of you being awarded one are practically nil. The very top girl and boy get them so they do tend to be the same people every year. This year Tallulah's name was read out which was a massive shock and this is what her teacher said about her :

"Tallulah is a caring, mature and independent young lady. As a student, Tallulah is always open to learning, tackles each task with purpose and ensure she achieves her full potential. Tallulah has built excellent time management and independent skills which will be of great  support in her future. She is always organised in her approach to her school work and with personal and school property. Tallulah is a key inclusion in any group situation as she is a fair leader, is individually accountable and ensures her group works productively and cooperatively. Tallulah is a trustworthy, reliable, courteous, respectful and responsible individual and an extremely worthy recipient of a year 7 class award for 2008"

Is this my daughter ???? The same one who was always in trouble in the UK ???  The teacher also had to pick three words to describe Tallulah and she chose ; kind, imaginative and diligent.  I am so very proud of her.

After that we had the graduation ceremony of all 96 year 7 children - took a while but we got through them all. Tallulah was given a certificate and class picture and then we all (mum, mike, Tallulah, Nakita and I) went off to Doddies beach for a picnic (wedges from the Dome, yum). We then got their end of year reports. Tallulahs was, as usual, outstanding, and Nakita's was the best we have ever received too.

So today I am getting a bit of pay back for the 10 and 12 years hard labour I have so far completed. Well done kids.


04:55 - Tue 16 December 2008

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Glad to hear the girls have been doing so well H

Congrats girls!!!

Sam - 08:38 - Wed 17 December 2008

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