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This week started like any other. Nakita is being bullied at school, we have been into the school quite a few times but nothing seems to change. On Wednesday evening she had her school disco and she was sooo excited. She had a new dress and I did her hair for her and she really looked lovely.  By the time she got home she was in tears and very distressed. It would appear that the ringleaders spread a rumour around the whole year about Nakita that was humiliating and untrue and this resulted in everyone sniggering at her and avoiding her the whole night. So on Thursday I kept her home and went and saw the deputy head and demanded consequences for those involved. The one who started the rumour did at the end of the night apologize to Nakita and admit it wasn't true but that was one on one and the rest of the year still believed it ! She stayed home Friday too to give him a chance to sort it out and for the others to forget it and move on. Fingers crossed tomorrow goes ok and we get through to the end of term on Thursday without any more incidents !

Then on Friday I went to pick up Tallulah from school and, when we got home, my mum and stepdad were sat out on the front lawn. I had found out the night before but the girls had no clue so their faces were a picture. Mum and Mike have a house up in Subiaco about an hour north so will stay sometimes with us and other times at theirs which is a nice idea especially as the girls are at that 'difficult' age ! Luckily they brought the nice weather with them as it has been 35 degrees or more ever since and we've spent most of the time in the pool !! So long may they stay


05:30 - Sun 14 December 2008

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