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What are the benefits of Company Formation in Dubai?

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There are a number of benefits of company formation in Dubai for both local and international investors. Apart from an excellent geographical location that increases the scope of growth opportunities for any business, there are also more than 20 free trade zones in Dubai that offer facilities such as minimum requirement for paperwork and nominal business setup costs, making Dubai an ideal city to start and grow any business.

Benefits of Company Formation in Dubai

Dubai is an ideal place for company formation in the UAE, thanks to a number of business opportunities on offer for investors in all major sectors.   

Listed below are the notable benefits of company formation in Dubai:

·         Port of Jebel Ali in Dubai is considered to be a hub of all major business and trade activities in the region, which makes Dubai an ideal place to start your business. Import and export of goods become less expensive with proximity to Jebel Ali Port, which is a major incentive for doing business in Dubai for a number of investors.   

·         As discussed earlier, there are more than 20 free trade zones in Dubai where you can set up your business company without any minimum capital requirement. This gives an amazing opportunity to international companies to grow their business in Dubai. Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone is the oldest and the most favorable trade zone for setting up a business and company registration in Dubai in the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone is also less costly than anywhere else in the emirate.

·         You can also avail 100% exemption from taxes by setting up your business company in Dubai free zones.

·         The presence of a number of international banks in Dubai and government’s policies such as no restriction policy on profit payment and interchange transactions are amongst the major benefits that attract the attention of international investors.

·         The UAE currency is stable so company formation in Dubai can prove to be advantageous for your business in the long-term.

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What are the benefits of Company Formation in Dubai?


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