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• Sunday 6 November 2011 - 6 Years and 1 Day....

Well it doesnt seem that long ago since we rushed through immigration in St John's (unexpected stop) and after a brief stop at Halifax landed at Fredericton Airport without any luggage other than our hand luggage Shame I had booked a huge GMC Van with the capacity to carry 8 suitcases plus hand luggage

For us it was almost text book emigration, landed on Saturday Nov 5th, two interviews scheduled for Tuesday 8th Nov, one job offer 11th (with a 24 hour limit within which to accept it) and a second offer the following week). Started working on the 21st of Nov, brought a house and moved in on the 17th December .. One mad rush to say the least. If you are interested in more details of the past see the archives on this blog (it goes back to the early days).


We had the usual wobbles and homesickness and I am not sure everyone is out of it yet. The pangs still seem to well up when watching something on BBC Canada. For me I am a total convert, my life here is far better than it was in the UK. I have a 15-20 minute commute to work, I really enjoy my job, and I have a chainsaw .


We are now Canadian Citizens, (since october 2010) and have had the opportunity to vote in the last general election and the provincial election. My daughters first experience of exercising their civic duty (as I told them ) and after they were pleased that they had voted.


We have volunteered at several local charities (something we didn't do in the UK. I believe purely down to more free time here), we own and use chainsaw, axe, gas powered lawn mower, snowblower, snowshoes, cross country skis you have to get out an embrace the winter otherwise you turn into a hermit.


  • Most of our friends are from away, our neighbours are friendly enough but they have lots of friends and dont need any more LOL
  • We have become use to all the adverts on TV (muting and unmuting and having a conversation while the ads are on)
  • We celebrate our Britishness probably more than we ever did in England, and try to make sure our daughters know their UK history.
  • We have developed a liking for BBQ ribs
  • We like walking in the wilderness and not hearing any traffic noise or aeroplanes flying over head
  • We love the house and the space it offers, the size of the garden etc...
  • I like the woodstove and the changing of the seasons, each one needs preparing for and it gives me a sense of ease as we move through them.
  • Because I have more time I find I do more DIY fixing (not necessarily the things Jules wants me to do) I have learnt how to repair car body work, re-polish headlights, repair basic problems on the cooker (stove) and grow our own vegetables.
  • Teenagers/young adults, university, college etc is expensive regardless of where you live.

Every year we have held a huge bonfire party on our Canniversary, we have had up to 75 guests, but this year it was a small family affair (I am sure we will regret it ). Nice and cosy just the four of us, some hot dogs and a burger. Next year I expect it will be back to the Whelbourn Canniversary Bonfire party with a real crowd of people.


Anyway I have to dash, must put the finishing touches on winter preparations. The garden furniture is safely stored away for the winter,  I have winterised the lawn mower and brought the snowblower out of the shed for it's annual pre-winter service. I need to get the woodstove stoked up for this chilly evening (-2c), it has been colder but today the temperature hit 13c (well above seasonal).

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