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• Saturday 27 August 2011 - Irene, Earwigs and Back to School

Hurricane Irene is bearing down on New Brunswick (well technically, up if you are looking at the world and North is at the top) but the forecast is showing a couple of inches of rain plus moderate winds. I am not sure what a moderate tropical storm wind is? Oh well, I will be taking precautions, lashing down the chairs and BBQ, covering the woodpile (which has been drying nicely).  The USA seems to be evacuating all the low lying areas near the coast.


It is official, there is a New Year in the Whelbourn / Chinese Year Calendar. The Year of the Earwig .. and it started in 2011. I have never seen so many Earwigs, and Jules has developed a new skill "Earwig Whispering", she can spot them from 400 yards and they seem to love to be around her  (only to be killed)

 For those of you who love Earwigs here is a photo.

This year has also seen the extended Mosquito Season, it normally ends in the middle of August, But probably due to the wet summer they are still very active and we are still fully participating in Mosquito feeding. I think I have said before that there is a difference in Mosquito feeding habits later in the season, They come up and bite immediately, in the early season they seem to know they have plenty of time to waste and fly around you to annoy you and tease you (a bit like a cat with a mouse). Early season biting is a game between you and the Mosquito, involving lots of high pitched buzzing and waving of arms. Late in the season it is all stealth and slapping after they have bit you , all we can do is spray on lots of 'Off' to keep them Off! (I have ran out of pickling vinegar - which works too)


Gemma had her registration day yesterday at the New Brunswick College of Art and Design. She is in the middle of an Applied Arts degree, and having completed the two years of University study into classics and literature, anthropology etc.... she is moving to two years at the College to complete her degree. She is all excited (like a kid going to school) hence the title back to school. Apparently she is taking sculpture the first semester, move over Micheal-Angelo.


Work has been intense the last couple of weeks and I am now on holiday (vacation). We are just pottering around the house, harvesting the veggies (the Beets were excellent), the brussels are starting to sprout and I have created a support for the Squash (an sort of netting bra type affair to stop it drooping too much  and breaking its stem).  I am already planning the next years upgrades and I have started to build a raised bed 8'x 4' in a sunnier spot. The late cucumbers and carrots are growing quickly in the green house (I may put in a kerosene heater to extend the growing season) and my tomatoes are just starting to ripen. .



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