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• Saturday 13 August 2011 - Cauliflowers, Cabbage Soup and Volunteering!

Veggie Patch Update:

Today I harvested six cauliflowers from the veggie patch. There was a variety of sizes and a range of whiteness  I did tie the leaves together over the top to stop the sun from turning the cauliflower green (apparently they change colour and one or two of mine had started). All in all a good harvest. 10 minutes ago I had finished preparing them for freezing and popped them in the freezer! We are looking forward to eating our own cauliflowers through the winter.


The Cabbages look about ready too (4 of them), the Squash is growing like the Beanstalk in the fairy tale, the leeks are progressing slowly and I think I can get another harvest of beans from the 4 bean bushes. I have started to trim off the leaves on the two brussel sprouts hoping to encourage the buds to grow (giving brussels as we know them). I have some Beets that are ready for harvest as well! Looks like we will be getting into preserving there isnt enough freezer space to store it all. Jules wants me to give some away (which I will --- who can eat six cabbages?).

Final comment, the tomatoes are still green (note to self, plant them in full sun) and I have 6 cucumber plants (very late starters) from seeds which I plan to try and raise them in the green house.


I am sure you are aware I am not the slightest person in the world, well I have been testing out the Cabbage Soup diet (pure coincidence that I have lots of cabbages). Basically you are on the diet for a week then have at least two weeks off. The outcome is I have lost about 14lbs (just finishing the second week now) and I'm impressed with it and plan to run 1 week a month until christmas to see where I get to (weight wise).


oh yes it is Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival time (Sept 13th - 18th)  again and I have volunteered to MC on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday I will be at the outdoor stage on Queen Street ( I enjoyed being close to audience) also I have moved up a level to MC the Friday evening HooDoo House!!! Wow either they are desperate or I am getting better .

Well thats me done for this entry, I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer.

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• Sunday 14 August 2011 - Untitled Comment

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All that veg you are growing sounds delicious.
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