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• Saturday 23 July 2011 - Big Surprise and sweltering here

Beautiful weather here in New Brunswick +30c at 10am today, lots of sun. This last week has comprised of hot sunny days punctuated by big thunderstorms with lashings of rain (sounds like an ice cream). Anyway it is very good for the Veggie's they are all growing and I can see a glut of tomatoes and lettuces.


I spend a week on the cabbage soup diet and lost about 8lb (about because I didnt weigh myself first) and it wasnt too hard, even though I was sick to death of cabbage soup by day 5. I am planning to run a cabbage soup diet week once a month to help reduce my weight.


Our winter fuel (wood) arrived today. We use about 2 cord a year (1 cord = 128 cubic feet of wood). However this last winter we probably only used 1.5 cord. I still ordered 2 cord this year from Rob the wood man ($260 per cord). There I was stacking wood after he dropped it off .... sweating like a pig. Thank god for the pool


The big surprise this past weekend was Chris (Kathryns UK boyfriend) asking me if he could marry Kathryn...... Five years we have been here and they have been (virtually) going out for about 4.5 years, although they met in college in the UK. So I said yes (and thought "at last") and then I took them all out for a meal at the Mandarin Palace (the best chinese restuarant in Fredericton). Then on Sunday we combined an "out of the blue BBQ" with champagne (Moet no less) and celebrated the engagement with friends.


I worked all week fixing up Kathryn's car, that had failed the Motor Vehicle Inspection test. Fixing up the exhaust and both sills (lots of pop riveting and filler). Any way it passed yesterday so she is mobile again. I can hear Jules saying "Thank God"


Life is good, I feel accomplished, a veggie grower, car fixer, Ace Greek Salad lunch maker, and holding down a day job too!. What more could a woman want


Jules has spent the week doing double duty also, single handedly decorating Kathryns house before they arrived (Chris and Kathryn spent a week in Montreal together before coming to Fredericton). As usual she has done an outstanding job. She has also managed to complete another dress design and the result is outstanding (I am hopeful that one day I will be the kept man while she makes dresses for the rich people).


Tonight we will be eating Chicken and Moroccan Rice with healthy brown rice option(yum). Then if the thunderstorms hold off we will light a fire in the fire pit and sit toasting some marshmallows and perhaps hotdogs too. Tomorrow is forecasted to be 24c (cooler) and I will be mowing ALL the grass (all 1/2 acre of it).

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