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• Monday 13 June 2011 - It has been a while

My last post was April 2nd and full of snow, and here we are at the beginning of June and everything is green, the veggie patch has been planted, the grass is growing so fast you can almost see it and it is Blackfly and Mosquito season (AGAIN).


You can always rely on the regular rythmn of nature to take you through the year.


List of things we have done since April 2nd

  • Re-surfaced the biggest hardwood floor in the house. Julie stripped the old varnish, I sanded it down, we applied 3-4 layers of varnish using squeegee type pads, and then I sanded it again (fine sandpaper) to get rid of the imperfections and Jules put down the last layer by hand with a brush.... She is a hero! - Looks great too
  • Submitted tax return, and received a refund (again)
  • Set up Kathryn's old Green House, dug, prepared and planted a veggie patch. Roll on the harvest!

  • Road trip to Collingwood and back (heck of a long drive)
    • Visited Toronto and went up the CN Tower
    • Visited Niagra on the Lake and Niagra Falls
    • Drove through the USA and re-entered Canada at Gananoque (pronounced Gan-a-nock-wee), took the 1000 Island Tour (where 1000 island dressing was invented).
  • Mowed the lawn 5 times (feels like 10, and it needs doing again)
  • Went fishing  from a Canoe on the Meductic River for Smallmouthed Bass (yesterday). My observation is that Small mouthed Bass have a very big mouth! Yes and I received the obligatory sun burn

beached for a break on an Island to Fish a pool so I snapped this

Jaws 3 -  Good Job I have an armour-plated thumb

  • Gemma's new boyfriend called David (Canadian from Saint John), came round for dinner, he seems like a nice lad (good name after all), albeit quiet, but it is hard to get a word in at our dinner table when the Whelbourn's are in full debating flow (no it isnt arguing it is reasoned debate).
  • Kathryn has added to her menagerie with another dog (Buster). Another SPCA special (apparently from Bathurst and understands French, so she has a bilingual mutt). He might be bilingual but he is as thick as a plank, loves to chew and dig. Kathryn brought him as a companion for super intelligent Millie .....

  • Also anyone who received Jule's Christmas letter would have known that Kathryn has a couple of cats! I found out this weekend, and threw the predictable grumpy response, which is why I wasnt told. I was heard muttering something about stupidity and crazy cat woman.  


Happy Birthday Dad!

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• Monday 13 June 2011 - Untitled Comment

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Love your updates. Fantastic pics, so glad that summer is here and you appear to be making the most of it :)
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