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• Sunday 27 March 2011 - Brrrr windchill makes even a +3c day feel freezing

Today is chill day in more ways than one. I am resting after working on the basement yesterday morning (I boxed in some ventilation pipes (it has only taken me 3 years ) and the weather is bright and sunny, blue sky and bloody cold in the wind!


Everyone is moving along fine, Gemma has a relatively new Boyfriend (David) and she seems smitten(ish). She has told me to be nice to him.... as if I am anything else but nice . She is still working hard putting in 30 hours at MacDonalds, studying full time at UNB and looking after a horse... I dont know where she finds all the time from.


Kathryn is still studying Chemistry and recently received a B- in a mid term paper (much to the surprise of everyone in the house - even Kathryn). She is also still busy working, studying, looking after two dogs and generally managing a life on her own.


Jules is designing new dresses like it was going out of fashion (no pun intended). She put together her latest creation and I was VERY impressed. My new ambition is to be a kept man.


Me .... I'm as busy as ever, working hard, not playing much , and I have just started to study for certification in Programme Management. No rest for the wicked.


Well we have an election in May and as citizens we are all eligible to vote. I don't think the election will change much here in the terms of seats. One thing about minority government, not alot can be changed. I have come to the conclusion that this is a relatively good thing if things are pretty stable. I believe Canada has only fared well in the global recession because it wasnt able to change the rules for the national banks etc...


Well have to go, time to get back to my studying, and tax-returns this afternoon. One thing I have to admit, I love the Canadian Revenue Agency, every year since being here I have had a tax refund!

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