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• Sunday 13 February 2011 - February - Depth of Winter

Since we arrived in November 2005 our experience tells us that the last week of January and the first 2-3 weeks of February are the deep winter months. Bitterly cold and often with some wicked windchills. This year has been no different. The snow has been coming down in weekly storms, gradually building on the previous layer. I think 2007/2008 Winter had more snow, but this year it has been arriving consistently.

Here are some photos:

Home from the front

Looking down to the Shed.

House from the Shed at the bottom of the garden.

Path to the deck, notice Mount Colossus on the right. That is the snow removed from the deck. Every year we have given them a new name and this year we felt Colossus would fit the bill. I think last year was Superior? (check the archives)

Path to the front door (still with several inches to clear out).

The forecast tonight (Sunday 13th Feb) and tomorrow is for another 10-15cm  of the white stuff. Next weekend we are definitely going snow shoeing

Here is Jules taken while walking around the beaver pond at Mactaquac

This was taken 19th December, there hasnt been a thaw since then.

We are starting to plan our vegatable garden (wishful thinking for spring), especially as the weather forecasting ground hogs have all agreed it will be an early spring. LOL sure it will


On a seperate note, Kathryn (in her infinite wisdom) decided to get a companion for Millie (her German Shepherd cross) and now she has two dogs (Dad was speechless). The new one Chester and looks like a Pointer cross. Another rescue dog from the SPCA. He may have difficulty understanding what we are saying (He has no idea what we are saying when we call him) because apparently he came from Bathurst which is in the French speaking part of NB. Perhaps I should try adding a French accent on for effect . "Bonjour Chesterrrrr, Bon Chien" ... OH MY GOD he responded to Bon Chien.... I have my work cut out to make him bi-lingual (perhaps he could get a good job if I am successful).

OK time to go help Jules with Sunday dinner (roast beef and yorkshires ) I hope you are all ready for Valentines day?


Oh one more thing, my friend Matt in the UK sent me a link to a Youtube video of a Beefeater providing some tourguide expertise. This guy is funny and worth seeking out all four parts of his tour.


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I have to say as much as the snow probably causes you many hours of work, your home looks so pretty surrounded by all the white with the blue sky as a backdrop :)

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday yorkshires.
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