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• Sunday 16 January 2011 - Middle of January and it is only -12c

This time last year we had about the same temperatures and two years ago the temperatures around the Whelbourn microclimate area were hitting all time lows (-39c on Jan 18th 2009). Well this year it is a mild -12c.... almost sunbathing weather (almost).


I am sitting here at the breakfast table sipping a cup of Tetley tea, looking out over the deck at about 15cm of lying pure white snow, blue skies and the sun shining with little silvery snow crystals falling out the sky. Lovely eh?


I just checked my two handwritten Journals (2005 / 6 and 2006 /7 ) and the temperature on Jan 14th  2006 was 14c (major thaw) and I had my first Canadian haircut  costing $15 (about the same as now...zero inflation on haircuts). On Jan 14th 2007 it was -8c we had a roast pork sunday dinner and we were discussing the cost of going back to the UK the flights were $2,475 for 4 people. I checked today and it is about $1200 each person... I guess the girls will have to swim the Atlantic so we can stick to the same price as 2007.


On the social front, Julie and I went out Friday night to the Isaacs Way pub/restuarant downtown to meet up with the Tango Club (now defunct but we meet a few times a year to demonstrate how much of the tango we have forgotten). We had a good time eating dinner and chatting with a wide range of people who were in the club.


I estimate that I have about 200 readers, well I want to thank John in Gloucester UK. He is one of the blog readers and he decided to call me up. Great surprise for me and it was nice to talk to someone who I had never met but obviously felt a connection. We chatted about life here and how John had been in Canada 20 years ago (mainly Ontario and Alberta) and returned to the UK. Thank you John.


Finally we have all had a cold, a sort of chesty cough with sore throat (not the flu) and probably for the first time, I didn't go down with full blown bronchitis.  Normally with this type of cold I have to sleep in a chair to actually get some sleep. Well I put this down to the fact that I take a Vitamin D supplement. I know I bang on about it but if you don't believe me watch this interesting and funny video by a Doctor Holick from Boston University Hospital.  Definitely food for thought.


OK I off to frolick in the snow and take a stroll around the Beaver pond (it could be snowshoeing rather than walking, depending on the type and depth of the snow there)

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