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• Sunday 26 December 2010 - Snow is coming "YAY"!

We have had snow,  but then it was followed by a huge rain storm which flooded our basement (again ... I'm planning ceramic tiles for the basement floor, I am not pulling up anymore carpet).

Christmas day was a cold -10c brrrr (including wind chill), but who cares when you have had a good family morning, lots of presents and oohs, arrs and thank you's. Great christmas dinner and then a walk around the Beaver pond to help the digestion. . Christmas with the just the four of us is very relaxing. No travelling and no guests who need to be looked after, get up when we want, eat when we want and snooze in the chair when we want (well I do ).


I was lucky enought to get some great pressies, a dressing gown (extra thick), a blindingly powerful 21 LED torch (flashlight for you people from North America), a knife sharpener, a battery charger, socks, diary, couple of card games (nice and compact) and a partridge in a pear tree(well a picture of a British Robin drawn and framed by Gemma). . The girls did pretty well too, amongst other things, Gemma had a nice computer desk (steel and glass affair) to go into her bedroom. Kathryn had a toaster oven (cheaper to run than a full stove, especially cooking for one) and Jules had a full set of family+arty photo's, trousers, boots, book and CD's.


Well our first snow storm is forecasted to hit tonight and all through tomorrow with the forecast ranging from 20-30-60cm (depending on who you listen too). I am expecting 30ish cm and I have already run up the snowblower to make sure everything is alright.  Also in preparation I have brought in the final 1/2 cord of wood that was sitting next to the house under a tarpaulin. We have enough wood, enough food and drink to see us out to the New Year. I had better test the generator, it has been a while since I ran it up, and big snowfall could bring down some lines.

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