Mon 3 March 2008
Happy UK Mother's Day
After a few cool days to end the summer, Autumn offically started yesterday and the temperatures rose again !!!  Today it was 28 degrees and tomorrow it's to be 32 !!
We've had Lynn and Campbell and Ahren and Brody here this weekend.  We managed to polish off 5 bottles of wine with them on Friday night so that might explain the sore head yesterday lol.
We called the real estate agent for the rental on Saturday and she has confirmed our landlord has agreed to us terminating our lease and they've written out with the details and costs involved.  Assuming that's all in order, we can get this place advertised and hopefully, re let quickly.
No movement on the new house yet but the conveyencer says all hre stuff's in the post so hopefully the postie will have a bulging bag when he puttles up on his wee motor bike tomorrow.
Swimming lessons went well today.  Becca had her first "big kid" class and she had us and er teacher in stiches with her enthusiasm.  She was beaming ear to ear and wouldn't stand still, even swimming when it wasnt her turn.  At the end she even got a merit for her torpedo with a float (torpedo is the way they teach the kids to hold their hands outstretched with hands together while they learn to kick).  I suspect we may have a budding Olympic swimming champ on our hands lol.  We also asked Ellie's teacher how she was doing as she seems to have been in the same class for months.  They did a test on her and told us she will probably get moved up next week or the next which she's delighted with.
After swimming we popped over to Helen and Jonathans so Mike could fix their wonky pc and then home to clean the manky windows.  Sadly, it was a bit too hot for that today and it wasn't an easy job (poor Mike even burnt his neck) but they're pretty much all done now.  The only one's not done are those which have fixed fly screens on and we need to actually take the windows out to do those so that's a job for a cooler day.
Well, it's Mothers Day in the UK today so Mike's currently trying unsuccessfully to top up our international calling card.  Just in case it really is not working we might not be able to call so apologies.  I'm hoping to call Nicola tonight too as I've not had a decent chat in ages so hopefully we can get the kids down sharp.
Happy Mother's Day everyone.
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