Thu 28 February 2008
Life Jim But Not As We Know It
Not much to report this week as we've been laying low trying to get the mortgage paperwork etc all sorted.  Everything is now with the lenders awaiting approval so keep everything crossed they give us the green light soon.
Over the weekend we had a visit from Jim and Sandra and the girls, it was great to catch up with them and hear all their news.
Still haven't heard anything from the landlord as to whether or not he's prepared to allow us out of the lease.  We're hoping to hear soon as each day it's empty when we move is a day we're paying rent and a mortgage and that's not a cheap option.
I've also been busy getting quotes for removalists, as they're called here.  They seem to typically charge by the hour here and we've about 6 quotes so it's just a case of deciding how long we'll need them and making the booking.  Then begins the fun of packing, again.  Seems like that's all we've done for the past year sometimes.
It's Mother's Day in the UK this week so we've been scouring the shops for a card, which, of course there are none of as it's not Mother's Day here.  Must remember to buy extra when it comes around here so we've got some for next year.
I've got a meeting with Ellie's teacher this afternoon and then tomorrow after school, Helen and Ellie are coming over for a cuppa.  Then on Friday night, Lynn and Campbell and the boys are coming up for the night as they have a wedding in Melbourne on Saturday.  Haven't seen them since Xmas so it'll be nice to catch up.  Once they leave though, I plan to go full steam ahead with packing so I need to start finding boxes and bubble wrap.
Oh yeah, and did I mention I've now had a headache/migraine for 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Stressed - no, not me :-)
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