Mon 18 February 2008
I'm Lost
Well, I'm still feeling a bit lost since Mum and Dad left.  We got a call from them early on Saturday so at least we know they're home safe and sound.  In a bid to keep busy and make the house feel a little less empty, we moved the lounge furniture around and actually it looks pretty good.  I'll post a photo - what do you think?  Also, Mike spent some time building the new chest of drawers we bought for our bedroom, they look fab.  Of course, we needed a few new nick nacks for them so we popped out to Watergardens and got a new vase and a couple of little pink candle holders.  I think it looks really good now.  All we need now though is a nicer room to put it all in lol.
On Friday night I got a really bad migraine which lasted most of Saturday too (but just as a headache mostly thankfully).  Anyway, i fell asleep at 8pm last night as the kids watched Willy Wonka on TV, I think the emotion of the past few days was catching up with me.  I slept better last night too which is good.
Today we had the usual swimming lessons at 9am.  We're really seeing a huge improvement in Ellie's swimming stroke week on week.  for a long time it was just the same all the time but she's really getting into it.  She's now owrking on butterfly stroke as well as developing her breathing technique further.  Last week at swimming, we were told Becca only had to swim a third of the pool and back unaided to get moved out of the kindergarten class.  Well, today, they told her and boy did she try hard to get it.  Her biggest problem was though that everytime she got halfway, she'd have a wee chat with the teacher lol.  Anyway, she very nearly made it and we expect her to get it in the next week or 2.  We'll keep you posted.
After swimming we came home and got a picnic ready and set off to Daylesford Lake with Helen and Ellie.  Boy was it hot today, it reached 34 so as you can imagine it was searing in the sun.  We had our lunch and the girls fed the ducks.  We then set off on a walk around the lake but got about half way when we discovered a little bit of the lake where some kids were swimming.  Well, that's all it took - 2 mins later, all 3 girls (and Mike) were in the lake fully clothed - and much cooler than Helen and I can I add lol.  They had a blast.  Goodness only knows if they'll all hae gostro tomorrow from swallowing lake water but boy did they have fun.  I couldn'thelp thinking it's a shame we hadn'y taken Mum and Dad ther eas they'd have loved it - really good old fashioned fun.  Oh well, we didn't know about this place when they were here - maybe next time.
I truly think Mum and Dad brought the UK weather with them when they arrived, and took it bakc when they went home.  It's been really warm and sunny ever since they left, yet they had some horrible weather when they were here.  Tonight, it's still 32 degrees and the house is really hot and horrible!!  It's to be the same tomorrow and Tuesday before cooling on Wednesday to mid 20s again - phew!   
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