Thu 14 February 2008
Mum and Dad's Last Days
Wed 13th Feb
We had a lovely Wednesday morning today.  As Ellie's still off on Wednesdays we didn't have to get up early so we lazed around a bit and then the girls got their bikes and scooters out and we walked to the park.  However, this morning turned out to be just about the coldest day I've seen since arrivig here 6 months ago and we turned back after about 40 mins as we were all freezing in our shorts.  At lunchtime we dropped Becca off at kinder thne went to Watergardens for a little shopping and a wander.
Mike was home nice and early today at 5pm so the 6 of us had a lovely BBQ (the weather improved heaps in the afternoon).  The kids then did a little show for us which they really did well on and Mike was videoing some of it and right in the middle of a dance, Ellie's wobbly tooth fell out!!  We couldn't believe it, we didn't even realise it was that wobbly, and we couldn't belive we caught it on film lol.  That's 4 teeth gone now and she's such an old hand at it compared to the tears we had when the first one came out.  Actually, she's lost 3 teeth in the time since Mum and Dad have been here alone. 
Thursday 14th feb - Mum and Dad's Last Day
Well, today was always going to be a hard day but we decided to make the most of it and kept Ellie off school so we could do something special.  We went to Melbourne Zoo for the day and really had a ball.  We lucked out in terms of seeing animal feedings etc.  We saw the lions and the tigers being fed, the elephants getting their play time and also an elephant having a manicure.  We also saw a realyl interesting talk about the wombats and caught the tale end of a chat about the zebras and giraffes.
Also, Ellie and I had a chance to feed a group of kangaroos which was quite an experience.
We really have had a lovely time, not just today but for the whole month they've been with us.  Mum and Dad are packing as I'm typing this and I think we're all just trying to keep busy and not think about tonight too much.  I think we all wondered how it would be living together for such a long time but honestly, it's been fine (for us anyway lol) and boy have the kids loved getting spoiled rotten.  I've not done too badly either mind you as Mum and Dad have cooked and ironed and generally been a great help around the house which I really appreciate loads.  Gosh, no one even came and cooked or cleaned for me when I had 2 babies to look after so this has been such a lovely treat.  Mum says Dad has enjoyed doing so much cooking to as she never lets him near her cooker at home lol.
Right, we're off to have mince and tatties for our last dinner together then we're getting the kids ready for bed before Mum and Dad head to the airport around 8pm.
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