Wed 13 February 2008
Groundhog Day
We tried getting to the market again today and it was open - huurraaahhhh.  I got some fruit and veg while Dad got the meat.  We then had a wander and I got a few things for Granny Clark's birthday.  Mum also got a lovely opal bacelet for Valentine's Day from my Dad.
Mum did a huge favour for me yesterday afternoon.  I had opened the big bag off Ellie's old winter clothes and most of it mow fits Becca so we sorted it all out and washed and ironed it all - a huge job.  Mind you, it was well worth doing as the weather seems to be getting cooler now and at least I now know I don't need to buy Becca a thing for winter.
Mike came home with some interesting news tonight.  His employers have decided to pull all their employees off the job that Mike's currently working on at Telstra (the Aus version of BT) due to them all complaining about how bad it is.  That was good news for everyone, then at the pub later on, Mike's boss at Telstra asked him if he'd consider staying there (with a big wage rise) on a 2 year contract.  This will need a lot of thinking about as contractually it might not be possible, but it's too good an offer to refuse outright.  Will keep you posted on developments on this one.  Either way though it's a winner.  He either stays with DWS on a different contract that's better than Telstra or he stays at Telstra and gets paid lots more (albeit it's not a permanent job).
So with his head buzzing, Mike and Dad set about butchering the meat Dad got at the market and now our freezer is full again :-).
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