Mon 11 February 2008
Chinese New Year in Melbourne
On Sunday we started the day with the girls' lessons at State Swim.  I haven't seen them swim for a few weeks now and boy are they doing well.  Ellie's stroke technique is amazing and she's rally getting the hang of breathing correctly in the water too.  Becca's come on leaps and bounds and is now swiming withher head under the water while all the other little ones in her class are still way behind her.  Her teacher says she's only a few weeks off being put up a class.
After the swim, we drove through the city and down the east coast so Mum and Dad could see the other side of Melbourne.  We stopped off at Carrum and Parkdale and then at the beach in Brighton with its famous beach huts. 
On the way back up, we were all in awe at the fabulous homes lining the road, now, all we need to do it win the jackpot on the lottery.  Talking of which, Dad won nearly £2000 on the UK lottery this week - he had 5 numbers and is kicking himself for being so close to the big win.  Because of that, and Mike's relative success at the casino the other night, he and Dad decided to have a go at the aussie lotto and they actually won that too - $140.
Back to Sunday, and after our drive, we popped in to the city to enjoy the Shinese New Year celebrations on Southbank.  It was packed full and lovely and warm.  We enjoyed the atmosphere, and a few drinks and the kids made chinese hats.  Sadly, there was a lady there who had lost her little boy.  Mike helped look for him briefly but he still wasn't found by the time we left.  There was no mention on the news that night, so hopefully they got him back safe and sound.
To top off our lovely day out, we had dinner in our local asian restaurant Coco Chine, and due to our lotto win the day before it was nice and cheap :-)
I think Mum and Dad really enjoyed today, it's given them another perspectine on Melbourne.  There's a good chance we may end up buying a house on the east side of town so at least now they know why as it's much prettier than the west.
Just before bed time we had some more excitement Ellie lost another tooth!! That's 3 now and boy does her smile look funny. 
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