Sat 9 February 2008
On Friday, Mum and Dad gave us a special gift and paid for us to spend a night o nthe town staying at the Crown Promenade hotel in the city.  What a fab hotel.  We had a double view of the city as we had ceiing to floor windows on 2 sides of the room.
In preparation for the night out, Mum and I had spend the day at DFO and I'd bought myself a new dress (as well as a fwe other bits and pieces).  Ellie was at school while we did it and Dad kept Becca at home with him so it was great to get peace to shop properly and actually get to try things on for a change.
Anyway, after meeting Mike after work, we had a few drinks on Southbank just watching the world pass by in the sunshine and then we had dinner followed by a trip to the casino where we paid the pokies (slot machines) and then roulette for a while.  I think we came out about $20 up o nthe night so that's not too bad for our first attempt in a casino.
This weekend past was the Chinese New Year so we also enjoyed the night time Chinese market o nour stroll back to the hotel and bought the girls each a little chinese lantern.
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