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anyway, as I was saying...

Posted on Wed 3 February 2010 at 07:59

Wooo.... finally got my act together and completed my RN3 paperwork, handed it in in September and am now officially deemed 'PROFICIENT'.  Not only that, I have a little tin badge to prove it....  It actually means jack shit but i get paid slightly more now and it made me get my portfolio organised.  For all you non-nursing peeps, a registered nurse is obliged to have a ongoing portfolio covering all their recent training and how they keep their practice current.


I was offered the co-ordinators position which was very gratifying but after a lot of deliberation I finally turned it down.  By the time I knocked off the penal rates etc I would be getting paid $600 a year less and only have one weekend off in 6 with Phil as I would work mon - fri and he would still be on the 4on - 2off roster.  But at least they offered it to me, so it's all good.  Most of the time I really enjoy my work - apart from one colleague.  She is a passive-aggressive sour faced git but I guess every work place has one eh?


And summer finally seems to be here!  I'm looking as brown as my Maori collegues and just loving the heat.  We went to the bach on our last days off and took the kayaks out - it was simply glorious! 


The girl has gone back to school - I still struggle to get my head round having the Xmas holidays in summer!  She is noe at least half an inch taller than me and don't I hear about it...


The house is pretty much all done now.  The lounge was a sore trial though.  I papered it myself and where it goes down the 3 shallow steps it is nearly 3 metres high - by the time I had just about cut and stuck one end, the other end was drying out - a real pain in the arse job but it looks brilliant now.


And I have a glass garden.....  When we walk the dog down the beach, I usually collect all the bits of broken glass that wash up.  I like the way they are all smoothed off, years of rolling about in the sea does that I guess...Anyway, I had such a big collection that I lined a little bit of the garden that is neither use nor ornament for anything else and started chucking it all on there.  I quite like the ways it looks now, its like little glass pebbles.  Hhmmm, makes me wonder what people might think though - Hi, I'm Karen and I collect broken glass....Not something you tell people when you first meet them perhaps?

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Posted by geordie mandy on Sun 7 February 2010 at 12:47 - Link

Good to see things going well with you xx


Posted by Dave+Jules on Sun 12 September 2010 at 10:53 - Link

Belated I know but I was wondering how you are?

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