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twas nice

Posted on Tue 20 January 2009 at 07:12

Ahhh twas nice indeed!

Mark and Darren came to visit from Scotland.  They arrived on Xmas Eve and left on the 11th of January.  I hadn't seen them for over 2 year and it was just so good to see them.  We picked them up from Wellington Airport about 2 hours after the girl came back from Hamilton.  Compared with last Christmas when I was completely on my own, it was worlds apart.  I had Phil, the girl, Mark and Darren with me.  And at the bells at Hogmanay, we put Shane's CD on the stereo and at least had him with us in one way.  The days passed so quickly, I now have little recollection of what we really did but there are certain parts that will never fade.  The highlight of my holiday had to be Mark sledging down the stairs in a motel in Rotorua on their ironing board.  Laugh - I was aching laughing and the girl has it captured on her phone for posterity.  The lads and Phil did the Bungee, the Flying Fox and the Swing at the gravity canyon.  The lads had started calling Phil the silver fox due to his white hair.  It was more than I could resist of course.  Once they had done the above, he became the flying silver fox!!  The lads looked like stick men on the DVD next to him.  On Xmas day we went round to Phil's sister's and had a barbeque.  The lads couldn't get their heads round having Xmas on a beautiful summer's day and eating barbeque fof dinner.  Unfortunately, neither of them actually listened to me telling them that they HAD to wear sunscreen.  The pair of them ended up like sodding barber's poles!!  Red and white all bloody over!!  Darren was worst - he managed to burn the tops of his feet and they ended up pretty sore.


Well, I think I said in my last entry that Phil and I seemed to be going from strength to strength.....we move into our own house at the end of the month!!  We are off to Raumati South which is about 20 - 25 minutes from here.  We will have to commute a bit further but on a nice day, the drive is lovely - right along the coast for quite a distance.  The house also has a one bedroomed flat so the girl has her eye on that as you might imagine.  We are at the point where the packing is started but nothing is finished but it all comes together by moving day so I will not be stressing about it.  I have moved house so many times that this really isn't a problem.

The house will certainly needs some cosmetic work but the structure itself is sound.  We can just about see kapiti island from the front windows and once we lop some of the trees at the front of the section, the view will improve dramatically.

Have to go - have some pressing phone calls to make.  I have loads more to add and may well to another entry later - see ya peeps xx


Untitled Comment

Posted by IngStina on Wed 21 January 2009 at 01:13 - Link

So happy for you that things are going so well for you.


Posted by Am Loolah on Wed 21 January 2009 at 10:42 - Link

Great to hear some of your news - speak soon. XXX

Belated happy new year

Posted by geordie mandy on Fri 23 January 2009 at 11:23 - Link

Glad things seem to be going well for you now. I hope this year proves to be the start of the best years of your life in NZ
Mandy xx

Special time

Posted by cindyabs on Sun 15 February 2009 at 01:50 - Link

Glad you were able to be together and have fun even with sunburns.

Sounds like things really falling into place and that is great.

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