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New Job

Posted on Tue 7 October 2008 at 10:23

I started on my new Unit yesterday  So that's 2 days in and it has been Ok so far. I can almost see my old Unit from there and Phil works directly across the road but in a different Unit although we have the same boss.

Reflections?  Same shit, different bucket.  Although they haven't done a restraint on this ward for 2 months, I am already gathering that there is little management support for the staff who actually work on the floor.So hey ho, buckle up and wait for the turbulence. 

But the staff who work there seem to be accepting of me and I already know several of them so feel I will fit in well.  One of the support staff has already told me that I need to stay so that's a really positive bit of feedback.  Spent most of the morning in prison with a patient awaiting a Parole Board hearing.  I shouldn't really have been there there seeing as I am on orientation but it made sense to me to volunteer to go for various reasons.  Like even though I only started yesterday, I was the only one who had a valid, current nursing Identification Badge.....


Shane sent me a link to his new video on YouTube.  I was so impressed.  That's my son on a real, live music video.  And they sound bloody fantastic.  I cried.  Not because he was fantastic - which he was.  No, more because I haven't seen him since March and this video was shot recently.  There he was on camera and it is far more recently than I saw him in the flesh.  I didn't know it was going to happen but as I watched it I felt my eyes welling up. 

Bloody fantastic Son!!   I am so proud of you xx

As soon as I have a link that the whole world can access,  I will post it on here so that everyone can admire No 1 son xx


Untitled Comment

Posted by Ray on Mon 13 October 2008 at 03:12 - Link

I will send you a film of me singing ...

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