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the continuing saga of Karen's intestinal tract

Posted on Wed 27 August 2008 at 09:29

Damn, shit, willy, bollocks, arse...

Well, been for the colonoscopy then...

Rolled up for the pre-asssessment clinic with the lovely Maz as my navigator.  Yes, I know it's only 25 k or so to Wellington Hospital but it might as well be in China if I have to navigate and drive as well.  What?  Look for road signs AND drive?  Are you mad?  And the sodding sat-nav doesn't always pick up the one-way systems so it is as much much use as a bloody chocolate teapot in downtown Wellington.  I found that out when I took the girl for an appointment.  I felt like a fly circling a big brown jobbie as I buzzed endlessy round the rough vicinity of the hospital. And flies always fly in straight lines - did you know that?  Well, watch carefully next time and that was what I was like - the goal kept eluding me.  I could see the sodding building in the distance but couldn't get on to the right road road.  Anyway, got there this time with no problem and went in for the appointment.  I thought they were going to ask loads of questions and then decide if I still needed it done.  Wrong.  They said come back next week!  Bastards!  They gave me three packets of 'bowel wash' and I had to down it the night before and the morning of.  I'll give them flaming bowel wash.....an extremely unpleasant preparation that I would like to ram right up their....enough of that though.  So Phil's mum took me down there and dropped me off on the day.  They really weren't that organised and had me in for the procedure before they realised they hadn't set up an IV line for the analgesia and sedation.  So they put that in, pumped it through and began.  "are you sleepy Karen?"  "no" - "well, we will start anyway".  Oh my Lord......"OK, we will give you double the amount and see if that does it".........Suffice to say, it didn't.  It hurt like a complete and utter bastard and I still have bruising on my stomach to prove it.  They couldn't complete the procedure as it was too painful.  But the sedation must have worked at some point as I have no recollection of coming home. I know Phil picked me up after work but we could have come via Auckland for all I remember.  So I have to go back at some point and have it done under a general anasthetic.  But they have confirmed I do have diverticulitis, so at least I now know what it is.  And really, that's something and nothing so I'm not too bothered.


My birthday has been and gone - emails from family and friends, some truly beautiful flowers from Shane and a rather nice silver bangle from Phil.  We went out for a lovely meal at a local Polish restaurant and I would thoroughly reccommend them.  Topor in Plimmerton - give them a try sometime!

And it was my little Daronious's birthday too, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY that boy!!


And we have moved!!  This house of course was filthy.  I wonder if I expect too much but I certainly didn't expect to be cleaning the owner's bogies and God knows what else off the toilet walls.  I have spent hours cleaning and was really pissed off at having to do so.  We were told that the carpets had been professionally cleaned.  Lord knows what profession they actually belong to but there is still a red pop stain that look like a map of New Zealand in the little lounge that defies all attempts at removal.  Anyway, the house itself is far better suited to our needs and now that I have unpacked and cleaned to my satisfaction, it ain't bad at all.


Getting rather f***ked off with work and am seriously looking at asking for a move.  I like the team I work with, I think we all work really well together but sometimes the lack of support from management leaves me pissed off.  Not to worry, that one will be sorted before too long.

Enough ranting from me - off you pop and do something constructive with your time.  Me?  I'm off for a beer!

See ya!

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