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poorly me

Posted on Mon 4 August 2008 at 09:31

Well, it's been a while eh?


I am just glad July is over and done with - not that August has had a particularly auspicious start either.

The morning of Thursday the 10th, I got up feeling really unwell - so unwell indeed I swiftly bypassed the ensuite and headed straight to the main bathroom.  There was no way I was going in there to errupt with an audience straight through the rather flimsy wall....

I felt so dizzy that I nearly fainted - saved by the bathroom wall that I smacked my forehead off as I just about fell over.  The pain steadied me a bit at least.  I proceeded to spend most of the morning galloping in and out of the bog.  There is no polite way of putting this: I ended up pooing pure blood and the stomach cramps were indescribably painful.  I was crying with the pain and I think I have a pretty high pain threshold.  Phil had gone out early on his motorbike and hadn't realised just how bad I was and thankfully the girl was in Hamilton.  Eventually I phoned him up but it took him an hour to get back from Levin.  He took me straight down to the local A & E and that's when it got really bad.  They took one look at the enormous bruise on my forehead that had ripened since the morning and I had been completely oblivious to of due to feeling so unwell and you could tell straight away that they thought he had done it.  Bear in mind I am 5ft 3 and he is 6ft 1....He got some filthy looks and I got several indirect questions about how it had happened.  They seemed more intrerested in the bruise than in my pain.  They gave me IM (injection) pain relief and something to stop the stomach cramps and sent me to Wellington Hospital.  I went throught their A & E with the same suspicious looks and ended up on a drip and IV painkillers for 4 days.  I reckon the bastards had the drip set far too high because by the time I got home home I looked like the bloody Michelin Man and had put on a stone...pretty difficult when you are 'nil by mouth' for 4 days eh?  They finally gave me  a sigmoidoscopy - and I can tell you - that sodding hurt.  I swear I was trying to spew the camera out and it wasn't even down my throat.  They thought it might be either diverticulitis (which they reckon I would be a bit young for) or an ulcer.  But having had an ulcer many years ago, it doesn't feel like an ulcer to me.  Thet never did pin it down but I have to go for a colonoscopy next week - and I ain't looking forward to that I can tell you.  Not to worry, after a week or so, the pain stopped and my body feels like it belongs to me again.  Several of my friends and colleagues texted me to say they would come and visit but I just felt too poorly to be able to do that.  But their concern for my welfare touched me deeply so thank you all for that.


On a brighter note, here we are on the bike....

It's a Ducati multistrada 1100S...apparently!!  Youn know me, I'm so not technical....I neither know nor care about anything mechanical.....

I love going out on the bike.  I've seen more of New Zealand from the back of that bike than I have in the whole time before I met Phil.  It's bloody marvellous!!  I guess it's one of the things I didn't realise was missing from my life until I got it back.  That's me, kitted out from head to foot and loving it.  Just waiting for summer so we can really get out and about.


And we move this Friday!!  We are only going to another house in Whitby but it will suit our needs better.  It has 4 bedrooms and two separate lounges and a double garage. This house simply isn't big enough for two adults, one teenager, one large dog and two cats.....

Unfortunately, Telecom tell me that we are with the Waitangarua exchange here and the new address is with the Whitby exchange so we can't take the phone number with us.  But for those of you who need to know, give me a phone or drop me an email and I will endeavour to give you the new address and land line number.


And best of all, the girl was awarded player of the day for the match last weekend!!  For a quine who never played until a month or so ago, she is doing so well!!  I picked her up from practice the other day and the coach told me she has really upped her game.  Well done that girl!!  And the trophy in glowing technicolour.........!!

And to my lovely, lovely Kat:  hope you are enjoying your holiday.  Kat gave me a huge amount of time and support in Hamilton when I really needed a friend.  Thank you so much for that Kat.  Just hope that I have been of some small help to you recently.

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Posted by moneypen20 on Tue 5 August 2008 at 07:14 - Link

It sounds terrible. No idea what most of the stuff is that you've had done or that they think you have (except the ulcer one - I've heard of that!) Hope you get fit and well soon. And there's me feeling sorry for myself because I've got the worst cold bug I've ever had. If it wasn't for the fact I can get up and move, I'd say I had flu. No doubt if my other half gets it, his will be!!!!!!!!!!

Ain't 'biking brilliant?!

Posted by Wiz'n'Ton on Wed 6 August 2008 at 06:39 - Link

Please you feeling better now. Great pic of you on the bike - Duke's are great. Just bought a 'bike myself - pick it up end of the month and am VERY excited. Enjoy it - life on 2 wheels beats 4 by 2! ;0)

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Posted by BEVS here on Tue 12 August 2008 at 07:48 - Link

Fingers crossed they find bugger all to fiddle about with and it was a one off.

That thing between your legs looks good & I 'spect Phil's not bad either ;-))

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