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Posted on Wed 9 July 2008 at 10:01

I'm just not able to be left in front of the log burner without attempting to immolate myself.  I don't know what it is:  one of my collegues has suggested I am a burn magnet and Phil says I am a self harmer; but apparently as soon as I so much as look at the log burner I seem to burn myself.  I know I'm careless but dear me, you have no idea how much damage I have done to my hands and foreams feeding the flames.   I have several burns, large and small strewn accross myself.  The worst one on when I was too lazy to move the drying washing and leant across to open the door.  Hell, Karen, didn't you recall you lit it 3 hours previously?  Didn't you think it might be hot..........errmmmmmm - NO, I didn't think and sutained a large burn to my left foream.....  I know, I know, no sense, no feeling - whatever.... 


But today at work, I think I may have christened the brand new all singing, all dancing stove they have just bought for the delectation of the patients and the dismay of myself.  I was making shepherd's pie for about 20+ people and managed to burn my pinkie putting one of the trays in the oven.  Damn me, it hurt like an absolute bastard but at least I didn't drop it.  It is so bad, it hasn't even blistered, just seared the skin to the degree I looked like a freeezer burnt piece of chicken.  Last time I cook at work...well at least until they get some decent oven gloves.


Still haven't found somewhere else to live but not for lack of trying.  Not to worry, something will turn up and that will be the next hurdle over with.


The girl has been playing netball for the school team and by all accounts seems to be doing really well.  The coach fronted up to me one day when I went to pick her up from practice and said she has really upped her game.  That's just so good to hear as Melissa seems to be taking it seriously and has put quite some time and effort into practicing.


We went to Phil's Mum's bach  at Waikawa Beach the other weekend.  For those who are not familiar with the term bach, it is a holiday home, generally by the beach but not necessarily so.  A very basic acomodation, usually quite small and spartan.  There are of course exceptions to this rule but that is usually the case.  Anyway, we took Beth as well and although the weather wasn't great, the girls spent most of their time out with the dog on the beach, playing in the dunes.  Come the evening, they were buggered.  So, when at about 6pm, Melissa asked me what the time was, I (as a completely throwaway remark), said it 10pm.  She asked Phil what the exact time was and without missing a beat, he said 9.45...........so the upshot of it all was the girls thought they stayed up until about 3am in the morning but in actual fact they went to bed about 11pm, thinking they had got one over on us.  They weren't best pleased the next day when we confessed.   But it was SO worth it!!


And talking of the girl: she has gone to Hamilton for part of the school holidays.  Scottie has been seen lurking in the vicinity and Poppy has taken up residence in my bedroom.  Which annoys me no end as I hate the drift of cat hair that then envelops my pillow and personal space.  But she is pretending to be be afraid of the dog which is complete bollocks as she strolled straight past him in the living room one night and he was so amazed by her audacity he forgot to try to chase her.  The dog seems to be missing the girl as she is his handmaiden and likes to walk, feed and generally attend to his every whim when she is here.


And it's fricking freezing here Mr Bigglesworth!!!  Damn me, I hate the way that houses here don't have central heating.  I hurt my shoulder about 6 weeks ago and finally had to go the the quack's yesterday.  Mostly because it was so sodding cold yesterday morning, it made my shoulder ache so badly I could barely get out of bed.  Now,  warm and blissfully out of it on various painkillers, it doesn't hurt that much at all - that coupled with the fact I have the next few days off.....and a couple of lagers inside me to boot....


Phil and I have finally told our colleagues we are seeing each other and as It is common practice here not to have couples working together, he starts work at a linked unit next week.  That will actually suit him far better as the lack of consistency on my unit really messes with his head.  So, onwards and upwards people - it's all good here!


Maybe you should invest in a fireguard!

Posted by Littletoe on Thu 10 July 2008 at 06:56 - Link

Seriously though I am exactly the same, can't be trusted around anything hot. Put a sliced potatoe on any burns, really, really soothes the pain. Take care of yourself and glad to read that you're still happy!

hot stuff eh?

Posted by BEVS here on Wed 23 July 2008 at 05:02 - Link

So pleased to read that you are starting to have a fun life. :-))

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