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Happy Birthday Shane

Posted on Tue 29 April 2008 at 12:16

In a better frame of mind than when I last posted on here.

Had a couple of things that were seriously messing with my head but I have sorted them out and life seems to be back on an even keel.


I had 4 cubic metres of firewood delivered this morning:  and only me and the girl to move it.  It started offf with me moving the recycling bins she was filling on the front grass:  it moved rapidly on to me doing it all on my own.  I basically moved it all on my own.  It's a working day here so I didn't cry for help.  Have you any idea how much firewood that is?  No:  well; I will tell you; sodding loads!!  My back aches, my knee hurts, my biceps seem to be exploding with the pain and I can hardly  type because my wrists and thumbs hurt so badly.  But it's all good because I did it myself and didn't need anyone to help me: INDEPENDENT or what!!


But those damned kitties!!

Poppy had a mouse in the lounge again tonight and the girl is pretty sure she took it in - and that's good because I don't even want to think about them living in the house and not paying their way!!

So she {Poppy} had it behind the biggest corner unit settee know to man.  we had to do the tilting thing again...............and it ran up the curtains!!  The girl managed to capture it in a fold of curtain as I ran for the bucket.  That may seem a strange response but I still remember living in my mother's house many years ago when she did that.  And it worked a treat.  Shook the curtain violently and the mouse fell into the bucket.  Keep it swirling and the mouse will not be able to jump out.  So the girl took the bucket outside her mate's house and let it go..........no problem, her mate is staying with us tonight!!


anyway, on to the main topic.

My eldest son Shane is 25 today and I have no doubt he won't thank me for this........

But he is the most wonderful young man.

I remember, just after he was born,  looking at that new born child.  Looking at him and seeing myself looking back at me.  Across his eyes, it was like looking at myself.  I can still remember  the sheer wonder and joy he brought me.  The beauty of creation and the sheer helplessness of the love that completely knocked me down.  I hold him so dearly - and my other 3 children of course.  But that first moment of seeing yourself,  there to start a new life and be something that I could never be - it has to be one of life's finest moments.

Shane sweetheart, you have accomplished so much and made me indescribably proud: I love you so much and I am so proud to be your mother.  Enjoy your birthday and all that life may hold for you

I love you!! 




Firewood shifter

Posted by Dave+Jules on Tue 29 April 2008 at 03:27 - Link

I know the firewood shifting pain thing. In Canada we buy it by the cord (128 cubic feet in a cord). 1 cord = 3.6 cubic Metres. We order about 3 cord (10.8 cubic metres) for the winter.. Admittedly I don't shift all of it on my own, but a damn large proportion of it. My arms are pounding, legs aching, chest thumping for added pain I was stacking up the wall in the garage reaching up to about 8 or 9 foot high....


Posted by Littletoe on Tue 29 April 2008 at 08:17 - Link

Happy Birthday Shane! Could have been worse, she could have posted pictures of you in the bath or something!

Wow 25!

Posted by Maz on Tue 29 April 2008 at 11:26 - Link

Many many happy returns of the day, Shane!

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