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Of mice and mayhem

Posted on Tue 15 April 2008 at 10:17

These sodding cats are driving me distraction.  The change in the weather may be enticing mice in or the cats are taking them in through the cat-flap.  Either way, I never want to see another mouse again!

One day last week, Poppy had a mouse in the hall.  It had been a long stressful day at work, the weather was shitty and I just wasn’t in a good mood.  Coupled with feeling a bit low for days prior to that, I couldn’t be bothered dealing with it so I just shut all the doors and left Poppy to it.  An hour later, I really needed to go to the bathroom, so poked my head out of the living room door.  No mouse to be seen, so I stepped right out into the hall.  And there it was – clinging for dear life to the doorframe above my head!  I did that Riverdance on speed thing that women do so well – all rapidly moving feet and no arm movements.  I’m not usually terrified of mice but it had been such a stressful day that it was more than I could deal with right then.  A mouse at ground level is one thing – but this one was taller than me and from that angle, I could see it’s nasty little toes scrabbling for purchase on the door frame.  I swear it looked at me with malice in mind.  I squeaked louder than a mischief of mice {ha! Had to look that one up!} and fairly moonwalked back up the hall away from it.  But then I was stuck against the front door.  So I went out the front door, ran round the back and in the back door and grabbed the broom.  The bloody head fell off the broom and onto my head as I advanced at a rapid inch per hour towards it.  This just wasn’t working.  The cat was trying to climb up my legs to reach it and I just about fell over her.  I finally managed to poke it with the brush and I’m sure it tried to run down the broom handle towards me!!!  The brush got thrown across the hall and the cat finally pounced on the little bastard.  I picked up the cat and slung her and the mouse out.  I didn’t sleep properly as I had visions of it falling on my head and kept waking up. 

Well the next night I had gone to bed and bugger me, it all kicked off in the kitchen again!!  This time both cats had a mouse under the washing machine.  I got up and shut the doors – surely 2 cats could see one little mouse off overnight…..WRONG!!!  I got up in the morning and it was under the settee!  Damn this open plan living!!    We had the settee balanced on it’s back feet so the mouse couldn’t hide and I ended up being late for work as I couldn’t leave until it was caught.  Poppy finally pinned it down and the girl picked it up by the tail.  I was hugely impressed – she can’t abide wasps or spiders but she can pick up a mouse!! {she was at school camp the night the first debacle occurred}.  She took it to the back door and threw it out – but she let go at the wrong point and it sailed into the tree in the garden.  I was so far past the point I cared by then!!

We had a tiny wee one on the back deck yesterday but that didn’t bother me as it wasn’t looking for lodgings!

Please, no more!!!!
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