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bad boys for Christmas!!

Posted on Mon 7 April 2008 at 12:55

Just had an email from Shane (eldest son)  - there is a strong possibilty that Mark and Darren  (middle and youngest son) might be coming out for Christmas!!

That would just be so bloody great!!.  I know it's not definite yet but just the thought of it at the moment is enough to buoy me up a bit!!  I can't wait for them to make some definite plans so that I will know for sure before too long.


We went up to Plimmerton and rode this afternoon - it's beginning to sound like this show may well be happening.  It's a 'cross-jump' apparently - one round that includes both show jumps and cross-country jumps.   They offered me the chance to ride in it as well and initially I was going to.  And then I thought that it really needs to be for Melissa.  I feel it would take away from her day if she felt she was competing against me in some way.  And then it turns out  I will be working anyway, so I didn't have to make a choice.  No, this one is for her and I'm still so hugely impressed with their thoughtfullness at giving her the opportunity.  It's the kind of thing that restores your faith in human nature. 

And talking of Plimmerton, this is the shore there.  I started a blog entry 2 days ago, downloaded 3 photos and then managed to lose them somehow. I was so ticked off, I couldn't be bothered doing it again at the time.  However, in a better frame of mind now, so doing it again!!

And this is the inlet at Whitby.  Neither are super-fantastic but just to have places like this in my daily life, make life more worthwhile.


Right, offski!!

Things to do and people to phone - look out it may be you!!


Phone Calls

Posted by Am Loolah on Mon 7 April 2008 at 11:22 - Link

... It wasn't bloody me ... :(

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