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It's been a while!

Posted on Thu 19 October 2017 at 06:33

Well, Ive been a bit busy.....

a brief recap of the last few years would be I have loved living in New Zealand.  Just last week I went along the escarpment track from Paekakariki to Pukerua Bay (find it on www.teararoa.org.nz). I did that then ran back along SH1 to my car and I was grinning as I ran - just the being here still enthuses me. 

I gave up smoking over 3 years ago and then spent 2 years moaning about getting fat.  So I started doing a bit of walking, then running, then added a bit of cycling and swimming and lo and behold, I transformed into the wonder I am today.....I've done several sprint distance Triathlons including one in Scotland when I was home in August and I'm signed up for a duathlon in Wellington next month and the Kapiti triathlon in February.

Talking of running, the first day I decided to run, it was on a bit of a whim: I was down the beach, doing some beachcombing {as you do} and I had picked up a left-footed flip-flop.  I'll have to digress a moment {bet you didn't see that coming}  I have collected numerous flip-flops off the beach and the vast majority are lefties.....why is that?....Aha - my theory then. I reckon that if you are right handed - as the majority of people are - you grip better with your right hand.  So the same goes for feet eh?  The left footed flip-flop won't be gripped as hard and it floats off out into the blue briny with nary a wave goodbye.  So, off I went, a wee gentle jog, just becaue it was a lovely day and I could.  That was great, haven't run in years.  All was going well, so I broke into a lumbering run - flippin epic.  So enthused was I that I thought dune running would be just the best thing ever so a tout vitesse I ran onto the dune track.  Except it wasn't.  Some miserable bastard had moved the upright piece of driftwood that ought to mark the start of the track so I was running like a headless chicken up the side of the dune.  Meh.  Using all my Bear Grylls survival skills  I thought  just keep the sound of the sea on you right and you can't go wrong.  What utter bollox.  On getting home I checked Map my Walk and I had run in a complete circle in the dunes.  Not only that, on cresting a rise, I caught my foot in a clump of seagrass and desrcibed a cartwheel in the air as I fell down the hill. Landed in the splits and just about made myself into twins and hurt my back all in one fell swoop.  Aye and still clutching the left-footed flip-flop, staring up at the sky wondering what the hell happened there?  Then I had to walk 2k home - wasn't my finest hour.

I'm single and very content to be so, I enjoy being able to suit myself and spend my money on what I want and eating in bed and reading until 2 in the morning and drinking the milk out of the bottle and eating an entire family bar of chocolate to myself and all sorts of things that I didn't realise I had given away.  And if I want to sit in bed and pick toe jam out from the piggies, that's what I'll do. Yes, indeed, it suits very well. And I've come to realise I have an inner strangth and resilience I should be proud of, I can manage perfectly well on my own and relish my independence.

Oh, I've got so many stories to tell you,

Speak soon

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