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The ups and downs of our planned new life to NZ, warts and all!

Photo entryMon 19 October 2009
Life is ticking along here in Windy Welly.  Our furniture has been delivered to the cottage and Steve and I spent a wonderful night there sans children.  Although they've delivered the wrong sofa colour, these guys are red and we ordered black, but its starting to grow on us :

I've also officially changed my major to Law and will be starting law school next March.  I've excited but nervous, but there is less pressure because it will become my one and only focus.  The business has become a bit of a nightmare, families putting high expectations on nannies to become cleaners/maids/general skivvys and good nannies are being treated unfairly.  Its very demotivating hearing these tales.  That said, its also hard hearing from families that have had bad experiences with Nannies.  The economy has affected the business more than I had anticipated, with Mothers being pushed into the workforce, but not able to cover childcare costs.  I've taken a real back seat with this.  Not to mention the local college have sent me a bunch of unreliable students.  I don't feel able to recommend most of them.  I've put my energies into finishing my current studies at Massey as I have exams coming up.  I've also embarked on a new Jenny Craig diet!  Its kind of embaressing to admit because it conjours up images of Kirstie Alley - and no one wants to go there!  I considered Weight Watchers, but I'm a lousy cook.  With JC the food is all done for me, I just need to heat it up and it costs less daily than take out.  I'm learning to add my own bits like fresh veggies and fruit.  At first I thought it would be a hassle, but I'm enjoying foods that I've not even known what they've looked like!

My Landrover has finally died its final death!  I've had a lot of cars in my time, but this one I am truly gutted about.  We've had some good times, and I've saved the old gal plenty of times, but we can no longer justify the additional work costs and as my mechanic said it would be 'moonbeams' to fix, I can only imagine that means a lot of moolah.  Steve had to rescue me and the trailer (I've blanked out the regos in case anyone tries to hunt me down and kill me in my sleep)

Its a sad day and a big loss.  But together we've left a lot of carbon footprints along the way.  Not sure I can convince Steve to let me have another Landy - he's been blithering on about English engineering for quite some time!

Celebrating 'Pip's' birthday, thought I might add a pic of the 'girls night on the town'

And so this concludes my photo update entry

LovelyWed 21 October 2009
The girls are lovely. And I love the red sofas. Black would have been to drab for a vacation cottage. Now is bright and airy and looks quite welcoming.
Posted by Rete

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