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The ups and downs of our planned new life to NZ, warts and all!

Its been a while!Tue 4 August 2009
Goodness its been an usually long time since I last darkened this website.  Of course, the lack of updates does not mean its been quiet in the Littletoe life!  Steve and I continued househunting, but we found that without fail, every single house we looked at we both reacted completely differently.  I would love it, Steve would hate it and vice versa.  In the end, we decided to put it on the back burner for a while, whilst neither of us are keen to keep paying rent, we've heard that as summer approaches and banks relax lending criteria, there will more variety.  This time frame does work well because Moons started primary school and this new regime has hit her pretty hard.  She's usually so laid back. but the new structure and routine has left her frustrated and overwhelmed.  We are very proud of her though and she looks particularly gorgeous in her little uniform.  I actually thought having a primary school kid would be easy cheese.  I WAS WRONG!!  The stationary alone caused me a headache, the uniform cost  NZ$400, and then there's the homework, rules (ie, hair style, jewellery - We'd bought her a cute Maori carving necklace, which we got told off about!), paperwork!!!  Permission slips, contribution things, school trips.  There's different dates. staff training days - no sirreee, primary school is not the walk in the park that I expected.  Its a Catholic School, not that we're practising, but we wanted her to be taught the same values and then make her own mind up when she's older.  Of course, this has prompted many questions from Caitlin (how do people know what Jesus looked like?  He shouldn't have long hair, he's a boy.  Where does he live?)  On the second day of collecting Moons, she thrushed all of her stuff at me, and I grunted, 'Christ, God damn' it seems the more I try not to use those words, the more I do.  They're part of my vocab!  We've already had the Priest on the phone inviting us to a special Mass for the kids.  I can see where our Sunday mornings are going - grrrrroan. 

Our live in Nanny left - not without drama (taking the car key on holiday etc).  We had a replacement - a student Nanny because of my contract with the college, but she left after a day after hearing a relative had terminal cancer.  This constant upset to the girls caused me to proclaim that I would be a stay at home Mum.  Although I'm around a lot already, I decided I need to be more involved with the girls, if we could rope in some part time help, that would enable me to grow the business and at least have some time where I could squeeze in appointments.  This has worked extremely well.  The business is ticking along at a slow, but steady pace.  I'm always there to collect Moons and drop her off, and Pip attends a preschool two days a week, which is really restoring her confidence and helping develop her speech and independace.  Steve's been keen to get Egg in twice a week as well to get her used to being around other babies, but I've resisted so far.  We've made an agreement to look into it after her first bithday which is the end of this month.

Last week, Egg woke up with the look of a cold coming.  I didnt think much of it, she was a bit grumpy, so I gave her a bath and put her for a nap.  On the monitor, I could hear her screaming, extremely high pitched, almost howling.  I stood outside her room and it went quiet.  I went inside and she was facedown.   Not unusual, its her favourite sleeping position, but I sensed, call it Mothers instinct, that something was horribly wrong.  I turned her around and she was rigid, her eyes open, but not seeing me.  I knew she was alive, but something was very wrong.  I scooped her up and called the dr, who told me to head straight down.  By this time, she started shaking violently and grunting.  At the drs her temp was almost 40.  We've all had flu, so he suggested it might be that, but if I prefer, I could pop into the hospital.  We went straight there.  Egg's health continued to decline and it was discovered she had pneumonia and a kidney infection.  Egg and I spent the next few nights living at the hospital while she was drip fed fluid and meds.  It was a dreadful time, Steve had to look after the girls, so it was just Egg and I.  I was in complete auto mode, not thinking, just reacting and dealing, and being strong.  When Steve got sick over the weekend, we had to arrange for a temp Nanny to help him out.  She looked like an extra from a zombie movie, her intelligence couldn't be far off either.  It was, in all, a bloody awful time for all concerned.  Anyway, Egg has responded and we got home on Monday.  We continue to give her medicine orally and in six weeks we're being referred back to check her kidney function.  I'm a little shell shocked, staying in a childrens ward is especially upsetting.  As soon we got back, I've been scrubbing the house, getting things organised.  I guess its the need to establish some control.  You should have seen Egg's hospital room!  It was spotless!  I would literally move furniture around in there to make it look nicer!!  And I unfolded the bed, made military style bedding and then at 6am on the dot, it was all packed away!

Well, its a beautiful sunny day, I'm off to walk the little Egg....

At Bloody Last!Wed 5 August 2009
Thought you'd forgotten us! So glad to hear Egg is on the mend - what a horrible time for you all. I hate it when the kids are ill, especially in hospital ... and you still want a fourth?!X
Posted by Am Loolah

Poor EggWed 5 August 2009
Sorry to read about Egg's bout of illness and the need to be hospitalized. I'm sure having you with her 24/7 helped ease her anxiety (actually both of yours) and very glad to read she has been released and doing better.
Posted by Rete

Bless herWed 5 August 2009
I'm so glad all is well with little Egg.

I was starting to wonder where you were, very strange not to see a blog from you for so long.

Posted by Cassie 10000

Good newsFri 7 August 2009
Glad to hear everyone is improving and you are sounding better
Posted by Dave+Jules

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