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The ups and downs of our planned new life to NZ, warts and all!

So, on the job frontThu 28 May 2009
The Nanny business is slow and pretty tiresome, people are just so annoying and unreliable.  So, keeping it ticking along, I've been trying to find some other part time work, similiar to the one I mentioned before.  I found a couple of interesting positions for organisations that have good values, etc.  So the first job was an interview before a panel.  Being on medication makes it much easier for me, I feel less inclined to rush along talking quickly and thinking fast.  I've identified that I feel more inclined to becoming hypo when exposed to stressful situations and pressure.  We're not talking stuff out of the Shining here, just a bit more excitable I guess.  I felt the interview went fairly well, but as the job was described to me I started to think it might not suit me.  The Acting CEO was extremely arrogant and I felt this position lacked enough deifinition to open it up to becoming his lackie.  The previous woman in the job, whom I met, was like a wall flower and worked a lot more hours than she was contracted and he thought that was awesome.  I just though, uh-oh, he's going to hate me!!  My gut instinct was no, which was  a shame because aspects of the role really did appeal, help setting up a national office in Welly.  I had lined up another interview a few days later for a position I did really want however.  I couldn't believe it when 8.30pm saw me get a call from the CEO with a job offer.  I asked for some time to consider it.  Literally because some aspects appealed, he didn't and I wanted to see how this other job went!  The other job emailed me to say that they had to postpone for a week.  AARGH!  The first job had to do reference checks and police checks, so fortunately that took up most of the week.  I had to do a presentation for the second job, so out came powerpoint and it seems the panel were incredibly impressed.  I was anxious about this interview as well, but I can't express the relief of having the ability to pause and think before answering.  To reign in my ideas and yet still, be me!  Only a less crazier version!  I could tell that they were impressed with my answers.  They told me at the end that they had narrowed down the shortlist to 20 candidates and would make a decision the following week.  Did I mention previously that this also happenened to be a position I'd sent the wrong application form off to??  So they'd already seen one horrendous mistake from me and knew I'd clearly applied to other positions.  Can you also believe that someone on the interview panel was chairperson to the organisation that had offered me a job??!!  Stinky feet OR WHAT??!!  It all came out when I confessed that the pressure was on for me to make a decision about another job.  This woman looked at me and just said, I know who you are!  She was upset that she felt she'd compromised my interview here.  I had to explain that I'd been playing for time with their answer while I checked out this job.  Worst interview in the world...ever?  It was a very awkward end.  I walked out almost close to tears, knowing I'd lost this one.  I later spoke with a Manager there and she said she thought I was awesome and would recommend me to the Director and also push for an earlier decision, but she wasn't too hopeful for me.  I later typed out an email to the panel and just said, if they didn't let me know sooner, I would have to withdraw my application.  Next day I told the CEO I needed one more hour to decide.  Talk about a stressful day!  The company I wanted invited me down and I met their Managing Director.  Would you believe we had SO MUCH in common!!  We talked about everything from the World Bank, the evil IMF and the atrositices of what happened during Pol Pot's regime in Cambodia!  I know, weird, eh?!!   They said that they'd checked the legality of the situation as they had more people to interview, but as another position had popped up, they would offer me this particular job that I'd gone for.  They said they'd kick themselves if they waited a week and lost me.  I was too tired to feel excited!  I then typed out a letter to the CEO and explained that whilst aspects of the position appealed, I felt that it would not be a move up my career ladder.  He actually telephoned back and told me he'd been coming to a similiar conclusion and realised that was my concern.  Steve has asked me if I'm ready to work again and take on more stresses.  I'm taking this medication and I'm supposed to start some new tablets soon as well, plus exams coming up.  I've taken some time to consider this, but I feel comfortable with my decision.  I'm a lot more 'stable' with my moods recently and my concentration has returned, leaving me finally able to read my books and retain information.  I continue to get great grades on my assignments, and next semester is far less stressful.  In fact, this organisation already have someone else doing the same degree and they're very supportive and flexible to her study needs and exams.  And there's even government funding for people doing degrees while working for NGOs for both the student and the organisation.  I will also spend some of the time in the city, which means I can go in with Steve some times.  We're also a bit closer with the mortgage, a lender has finally decided to consider our situation (Steve contracting) on the condition that we hire an accountant to do all our tax stuff.  Steve's been doing a very good job up until now and because he's been so organised and so above board with the taxes, the accountant bill will be marginally less and easier for them!  Phew!  We resubmit hopefully next week.  Although moving house is probably going to be a huge hit to my brain, so I'm happy to take that slowly for now.   I'm really proud of the girls' achievements as well.  Egg has been trying so hard to crawl, Pip is a real little dancer, and Moons has moved up a class in swimming, quicker than most kids do because she's got it really quickly.   Its hard going though, make no mistake!  Second guessing myself, remembering to take the little pills that work so hard to adjust my brain.  Worrying whether the girls will fall foul of this bizarre mental blip.  OK, Pip is rearranging the furniture, so I better go!

AdmirationFri 29 May 2009
Don't know if I should be admiring your ability to juggle so many balls in the air at one but I wish you the best of luck in doing so much and doing it all successfully. I know it can be done as I have been there and done it myself and w/o a husband and with 2 kids, but it was very difficult.
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