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The ups and downs of our planned new life to NZ, warts and all!

Ah, the mini breakMon 25 May 2009
In the run up to the mini break, it wasn't all plain sailing.  As of course, one would expect from me!  A bit of drug tweaking and so forth.  My impatience being tested to the limit.  Its an odd thing, this bi polar larky.  Initially I felt great on the meds, whoop whoop, I was no longer a nutcase.  Then came a down that lingered just a little bit too long for my liking.  So a tweak here and a tweak there.  I've done all the emotions since I last wrote.  The denial bit (it must a mistake, surely I'm fine), the crying bit, the relief bit, the scared bit (what if I see tiny people and I end up strapped up in a white jacket with men injecting me with things, my terrified screams rushing down the sterile corridor), I've wanted to burst it out to people, 'Hi I'm Litttletoe and I'm a little mental - up and down you could say.'  Although 'I'm the littletoe' bit might cause the greater alarm!  On the whole, I think we can say there's been some huge improvements, and its only with those improvements comes the hindsight, that maybe things weren't koshar at all.  But God, I miss those days of high energy and the feeling of being invincible and that I could do anything.  Life seems so much more boring now I'm normal!!  But hey, there's still me, and I still have my usual character traits that I'm pretty sure don't come from the mental side!  I still laugh when people trip, I still cry over love movies, I still curl up and doze off in front of the fire, I still declare national pjama days and I still adore English baked beans.  There is hope!  Anyway, this time away was a plan to get away from those barking dogs, suburu exhaust noises (its called a damn muffler 18 year olds!), and just get back to basics.  Oh my god, talk about my DREAM accommodation, and how I hope to see Canadians living!
Yep, just the mountains, lakes and forests around us.  Pure bliss. 
We did our shopping and spent our days lounging in front of the fire, reading our books, drinking wine, taking short walks.  It was just beautiful.  They even had a bathtub, so I managed to get a good bubbly soak in to.  On Saturday night, I was pretty keen for some action, so we drove the 20k to the local town.  We had Thai food and then I told Steve I wanted to head into a bar that looked the dingiest, to avoid any tourists.  We found the perfect watering hole and played pool with a couple of old boys all night.  My pool skills weren't so good, but I did manage to plough a fair bit of coinage into the dukebox!  As the bar closed, my English blood bubbled through - I wanted the night to last longer.  I had poor old Steve drive me to another small town and there we sat drinking with the owner and some random blonde.  The latter invited us back to her place for more drinks, and who I was to refuse?  Steve of course, was bored to tears at this point.  He, the sober driver, listening to me and this other blonde debate it out about how much I thought NZ was a silly old place to live.  Back at her place, the beer was bad and the place was cold.  She rambled on about her divorces, how the locals thought she was a bit odd, and I felt tired and bored of it.  So we made our excuses and left, with the usual obligatory promises to stay in touch.  Our final morning was typical, Steve rushed around packing, planning to the letter.  While I sat drinking coffee, reading my book, happy to leave it all until the last minute.  The weather incidentally had been fine all the time.  When we drove into Christchurch, by god, it was like being back in the UK.  It was dark (at 5pm) and the rain lashed down.  We popped into a lovely Mexican Cafe before going to the airport.  When we touched down at 10pm in Welly - talk about nice arrival.  The rain hit us sideways!  Its the worst I've ever experienced.  Trying to get to the car, all I could hear was Steve shouting at me, 'Come on Maggot, are you a man or maggot, you get to that car soldier.'  I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe!  Snot pouring out, dribble flying everywhere, sensitive teeth feeling drilled into.  What an end!  By the time we were safely in the car, we were both laughing so hard we where gagging!!   Still perfect few days.

Could be CanadaTue 26 May 2009
Them pictures could be somewhere in Canada.

I was surprised, didn't know NZ looked like that, silly me.
Posted by Cassie 10000

Untitled CommentWed 27 May 2009
Wow I read log cabin and pictured a small log cabin nestled in the woods. You know one of those one room jobbies. Surprise. Could also be in many states in the US as well. For instance, Colorado, West Virginia, Montana, Alaska.

Edited by Rete on Wed 27 May 2009 at 06:45
Posted by Rete

WOW!Wed 27 May 2009
I want to stay there! Where did you book it through?
Posted by Am Loolah

Hmmm, Alaska...niceThu 28 May 2009
This cabin was booked either through or there are only about two there, so pretty easy to work out which one it was. Awesome, truly. The owner is lovely as well, very friendly indeed, not sure where she lives though.
Posted by Littletoe

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