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The ups and downs of our planned new life to NZ, warts and all!

Bombshell update!Tue 5 May 2009
After that bombshell and probably a loss of readers to the Littletoe chronicles (!), things have actually restored themselves very well!  My mood swings have lessened to such a huge degree, I'm operating more like the old me and I like it!  So does everyone else funnily enough!  Last weekend was great, hanging out with the family without demanding spontaneous weekends away or not holed up in the room.  I've been enjoying my time with the family rather than seeing it as a burden.  Even our finances have balanced out!  This month it feels like we've got a few too many bills, and with the house deposit sitting there, its tempting to dip into that - BUT NO!  We're staying strong!  Actually, its all rather boring!  But I can do boring for now!  The trip is still planned, although I realise the timing was a bit lousy.  Still, it'll give Steve and I a chance to spend some alone time together, do some physical things like hiking and I hear there's a kayak there as well - YAY!  I have shortened the time from a week to just Thurs - Sun, so I'll head down with Steve. Its always easy to think I'd love a week away, but I really would miss the girls too much! I'm a softie really!  I've arranged to see a Psyhcologist privately at $130 a time.  I thought I'd hate the woman, I mean for goddssake, she arrived in her office office chewing gum!  And when I say office, I mean pseudo living room in some feeble attempt to restore comfort.  She was actually extremely warm and had clearly digested her textbooks, but reinterpreted bits to make it, well, less clinical.  I thought to myself, hmmm, I'll give this woman a chance!  I'm all for medical jargon and conventional medicines, don't get me wrong, I pop Panadal like smarties, I'd swallow, snort anything from the local chemist for anything from a runny nose to a tummy ache, but I also feel that cognitive methods are effective as a complement to the big gun drugs.  Steve and my relationship seems to have strengthed a bit more from this, him being more understanding and me being more open.  Incidentally, you all know I'm open like this in my blog, but you'd never hear this sort of shit coming out my mouth!!  Hell no, I'm actually a really rather private person.  Anyway, the business continues to tick along, quietly in the background.  Although I wouldn't say the recession has hit Welly in a really bad way, people seem to be sitting on their money more and waiting.  We're seeing nicer houses disappear off the market as people wait, but there's still a lot of movement out there - for the bargains anyway.  In terms of nannies though, families are being careful and demanding part time with usually obscure hours and nannies want as many hours as they can get.  Its every man for himself!  I don't mind it 'ticking' rather than pushing it along.  I've got exams in June, so my energy is required in study and the final assignments of my papers.  It doesn't fail to amaze me that I'm still ticking along with this degree!  My other paper is mostly reading and researching endangered cultures, which I find extremely interesting anyway, so it'll feel a lot less of a chore.  I just thought I'd add  a little update following my bombshell to reassure peeps that I'd not stuck my head in the microwave!

Get Well SoonTue 5 May 2009
I know this may sound a bit trite, but hang on in and I believe you can find your way out.

Try taking a vitamin D supplement (1000, iu's) I noticed it has helped improve the moods in our house. I just pulled this research
Posted by Dave+Jules

Glad to hearWed 6 May 2009
that you are doing ok, better than ok. Enjoy your few days away.x
Posted by Am Loolah

Best of luckMon 11 May 2009
as above really - best of luck with what you are doing. :)
Posted by Kiwiprincess

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