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A new job? On a Highway to Hell!Mon 6 April 2009
What a funny old few days.  I've grown increasingly disheartened about the business.  So many hours, so little money - no appreciation.  No friends locally like Wiz N Ton to give me some of their positive tonic.  By Friday I was sick of it all, and decided to have a weekend free of all things business orientated.  How can so many people let you down?  Over the weekend, I noticed advertised my 'dream' position on trademe.  The final application date had passed two weeks ago.  Then I began to mope into my pinot noir even more.  And yes, I have started my evening drinking again.  What do I want from life?  Its become so crazy, I barely know myself.  I want the nice house, nice car, to be in control of my own business and yet I crave to be contributing to something more worthwhile, something more important.  I know, I annoy myself more than I could possibly annoy anyone that reads my blog - want to argue that?  Don't bother!  Anyway, the role is part time, and I sent off an email to say basically, I know its late, but PLEEEASE consider me.  On Monday morning, my Nanny phoned an hour before her arrival to say she wasn't coming.  Grrrr!  I had to rearrange appointments, including an appointment with a business mentor to show me the light.  Steve reckoned that because we were meeting at home, I should still go ahead with the mentoring meeting.  Feeding a baby, burping a baby and probably getting covered in baby sick, whilst my two year old screams for marmite sandwiches is hardly appropriate for a business meeting.  Its hard enough already being a woman in business, let alone a mother in business.  Afraid I'm be laughed out the commerce, I was forced to rearrange.  Don't get me wrong, I had a great day with the girls.  Mothers glared at me as I arrived at Moons school with AC/DC blaring, Mothers glared at me as I joked with the schools priniciple, I understand usual ettiquette is to ignore the lowly staff.  Moonie and me ate lunch bought from the petrol station driving through the car wash, Pip frowned at me every time I called her 'dude.'  Egg found the whole thing hilarious, carrying her like a rugby call and giving her my sunnies to chew.  Yep, I'm just a good old surbanan Mum!  Weekends are the same, but I'm not usually as involved with all three during the week.  They particularly enjoyed hanging out on Mummy's unmade bed in the afternoon - complete with eating their dinner there as I sang random 80s songs using their names as appropriate - or not, as the case may be.  Anyway, my phonessss, all of the many of them were ringing constantly.  When I finally bothered to listen to the voicemails, I got one from my dream job!  They wanted to talk to me after receiving my email.  Excitedly I called having shoved some Disney DVD into the slot.  I had a brief, impromptu telephone interview as the organisation had already conducted interviews.  I was told to email my CV and letter before the close of business - which I duly did and sure enough I've been shortlisted for an interview tomorrow morning!  I'm confident that I can juggle the company,  my study, the kids and a part time job.  I really want the job - its the whole purporse for my qualification.  I want the business to succeed, but this way, I feel I'll be equally fulfilled!  Steve is particularly happy to receive an extra income.  Anyway, my bathroom is flooded because I thought it was fun to let the girls splash around like mermaids and I've hit the Church Road in a bid to calm my nerves for tomorrow's big debut.  Here's hoping for an interesting day tomorrow.

Whew!Mon 6 April 2009
Take a deep breath, in six months you'll look back at this and chuckle. I think you're amazing.
Posted by IngStina

Good LuckWed 8 April 2009
with the interview, chick.

With the business side of things it is really hard to start them up and networking seems to be the key nowadays. I stook with my business for a whole year before I admitted defeat, I know how you feel.

Keep on trooping.
Posted by Cassie 10000

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