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The ups and downs of our planned new life to NZ, warts and all!

Road moan (again), sick kid, ball busting business...Sat 4 April 2009
This week has felt scarily like it would never end.  Firstly, driving to the speed limit at all times has resulted in much frustration from other drivers.  I've had more close calls - by loitering in blind spots (I'm sticking to the speed limit now, whereas before I'd be right outta there!) and people getting so far up my tailpipe its like they want to breed baby BMWs.  One time I tapped my breaks just to let the guy behind me know that I might actually need to stop at some point and he swerved so violently behind me all of his passengers got thrown like ragdolls.  If I speed, the cops hate me, if I drive slower, the people hate me!  I keep pulling over to let people pass me, but its not always possible or safe to do so, but still I get overtaken in some pretty blind places.  What people don't realise is its not speed - its skill.  I've always loved driving and reckon I'm pretty darn good, I know my limitations and I respect the engine.  Kids here hoon around, too fast for some corners, too fast for some roads.  I'm seeing it all now, christ its taking me long enough to get anywhere!  Still, I guess its making me more organised now, I leave with a lot more time, as opposed to making up for lost time on the road.  Sleep easy Welly - one less speedster on the road!  Just worry about the droids that think driving slowly is more safe, but are in fact very nervous drivers that don't drive defensively.  Anyway, road moan over with.  Thanks NZ for killing my driving passion!  I've worked all day, everyday this week.  Interviewing, meetings, pitching and problem solving.  Kudos to 'wiz n ton' for their continued support and encouraging words!  How do they do it?  People are such numptys.  That Nanny that caused the problems the first time has failed in her trial because her car got towed.  Meaning she was unable to pick up the kids.  The Mother is lovely in that she's not blaming me, but its my company - how can this not reflect badly on me.  So, I'm back to finding another nanny, way into negatives for all the time and costs involved.  I got a request from another family for a seven week in the city - great demographic.  Sourced a fabulous nanny, only to be told at 8.30 on Thursday night (the night before her interview) that they'd offered the job to someone else.  Sure, it happens, the nature of the beast and all that, but how bloody frustrating!  Her feedback was also great and she observed that of all the companies out there, mine was far superior - just a bloody shame I couldn't help her then!  I had a second meeting with the Nanny college which went extremely well, final touches are being made on the contract.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect to be an overnight success, but the lows are harder to manage when I'm not having highs!  I guess when the business is consistent, they all balance out.  Pip has been ill with a tummy bug - the joy of starting creche.  For a few nights, she couldn't sleep at all.  Which means, neither could I.  So I've been running on no sleep.  The final night she was able to sleep - bloody Egg couldn't!  So I find myself, concious of an upcoming deadline for my social policy paper, managing the business and not getting sleep.  Its making me more emotional.  I got some grades back for assignments I'd done a few weeks back for two papers, I got a B for both, but the lecturer was still very critical in the feedback.  I don't see how I got the grade when I got torn apart in the feedback???  We have managed to fit in some time to see some houses.  Its great to see the different houses out there all in the same price bracket - what are some people thinking?!  We've seen two that appeal.  One is less money, but we know what we can do to ensure we make a profit when we sell it.  The other doesn't need any work done, so we'll be reliant on the market at resale time.  Big risk and a lot more money.  Its difficult because we're not too emotive about the whole family home thing, but we don't want to live in a pure investment type house because they're somehow less appealing.  We're not in a hurry though thank goodness and being cash buyers means we have a lot of bargaining power.  The house that's more is one of those that's fallen foul of the market.  Lots of money has been ploughed into it and it should be a lot more than it currently is, unfortunately for the owners are barely staying above the capital value - which is just the sort of thing steve and I have been looking for.  A big, beautiful house without the big, beautiful price tag.  This is probably the only time that I like the smell of desperation!  Its the weekend, I'm going to try and get a nap before it all kicks off again - although judging by the excel spreadhseets that Steve's working on, I don't think that'll happen - somehow I feel his questions mean that the spreadhseets relate to our expenditure.  Oh, hellloooo marital arguments!

Speed LimitsSat 4 April 2009
As I point out to my daughters, posted speed limits are definite legal maximums. Not a suggested driving speed.

Drive with what feels safe for you and is within the posted speed limit.
Posted by Dave+Jules

FeedbackSat 4 April 2009
I imagine the lecturer thought that you had potential to be an A student so put effort into the feedback - sounds more good than bad to me!
Posted by rebnatoli

HmmmSun 5 April 2009
Like the positive spin on that. I wish I could think more like that, at the moment its negatives all the way, could do with an angel on my shoulder
Posted by Littletoe

We like kudos :0)Mon 6 April 2009
so cheers for that! You will get some massive ups - that first placement that earns you a fat commission, a great referral, and brings more business. Always a good one! That client you help who came to you because 'all other agencies have been useless' and you just happen to have interviewed the perfect person that morning, who starts that afternoon. Activity breeds success - so keep up the first and you'll have no worries securing the second.

Oh, and I agree about those parks - look at the feedback as a positive thing. If they weren't botherered about it or wanted to be bitchy, you'd have got none at all so it's a GOOD thing. Jeez - when i was studying I was grateful to have passed, let alone got a B! Nicely done :0)
Posted by Wiz'n'Ton

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