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The ups and downs of our planned new life to NZ, warts and all!

On the quiet frontSun 22 March 2009
I'd like to say that the phone has been ringing off the hook and I've been inaundated with requests for nannies.  I haven't.  I guess these things take time? That's what everyon keeps telling me anyway.  I get such a positive response to my concept and yet no one taking me up on it.  I've run my second advert in the local rag, which has resulted in a few phone calls from nannies, a-hem, let's just say of a questionable calibre.  I guess its all a learning curve, I'm trying to pin down one of the large regionals, but Steve is starting to express his concerns at the rising costs.  We've also had a few people tell us that the website isn't viewable for them.  I've now found out from an IT guru that using publisher has resulted in the website only being viewable with Internet Explorer.  Bloody microsoft and its monopoly of everything.  We've had a couple of offers to get it sorted, but then we're looking at a minimum of $1000k.  Steve's been swotting up on decoding html, and he's confident he'll sort it.  I'm just patiently sitting in the background letting him do his thing.  Egg has stopped sleeping through the night, it seems her next lot of teeth (she's got two already) are playing havoc.  Last night was third in a row of me barely sleeping.  Fortunately Steve got up at 5am to watch the football, so I asked him to take Egg with him.  I'm having an Egg and me day today, I feel like I've been in this whirlwind of rushing around doing things and I've not had much time for the Eggster, particularly as we were inseperable for her first few months.  This weekend was fantastic.  Steve and I held an impromptu family party.  I dug out some leftover crackers and we had this big feast of different breads and pasta, etc.  All washed down with cups of tea.  Then we all curled up on the sofa to watch the Bee movie.  I always moan when I'm forced to watch animated movies, but I always end up enjoying them more than anyone else!  The live in has been on holiday, still, for her third week.  Its a bit awkward that she's still living in the house, I'll call her Alice.  Not least because she does bear somewhat of a resemblence to Alice the Goon - Olive's friend when she was in the army.  Having an extra body around to feed and look out for, that's basically in lodger mode is something it would take most people awhile to get used to, and certainly a consideration if you were considering it.  Of course, her brother stayed with us also, so there were more factors to consider during that period.  Anyway, as much as I've enjoyed having her around, we've decided next time  - her contract expires in June, to review the situation.  Maybe not opt for a 7 day live in.  Its Autumn here, my favourite season of them all, its very cosy inside and very beautiful outside.  We've decided to go away this Easter.  We need to have some family time, the house has been really busy over the last few months.  You know those families that think a holiday means staying somewhere in the wildnerness with no tv, no phones, etc.  Back to basics?  I used to think they were nuts.  Tree hugging, hippy types.  But I've been desperate to stay somewhere, with mountains and pine trees and breathe in that fresh air.  Not to have the telly on, and to walk around parks that aren't surburbs.  Just to take my head off and enjoy each other's company.  Unfortunately, it seems the rest of NZ has had the same idea!  Trying to book holiday homes has become impossible.  Damn everyone else for planning ahead!  We've managed to get into an apartment in Hanmer Springs.  My favourite little place in the SI, but  I had wanted something more remote.  Nevermind, we'll do just fine.  We've got this credit for the ferry sitting there and we've decided to be foot passengers on the ferry and pick up a large 4wd rental.  I fancy a bit of off roading this time around.  Its got to be big to fit our massive family in!  I'm really looking forward to it being just us and the little dudes.  They're very excited about it.  Of course, I can't go phoneless - I need the pda to monitor emails and hopefully take calls with enquiries.  At the moment, I'm experiencing this incessant need to clear out draws and cupboards.  Its like the nesting period during pregnancy.  I've done the whole house.  I think it might be a combination of nervous energy about the business and also, I don't like to feel stuck for too long.  I think this need to clear things out psychological reassures me that we're not here permanently.  I guess some families might find that a bit odd, we only have a few items of sentimental value, I've got no qualms with chucking stuff out.  We buy nice things, but I wouldn't think twice about selling or giving those things away in a flash.  I guess I'm a bit of a gypsy!  Only, without the whole smelly, stealing, flogging little flowers, mnarrying my cousins thing.

these things do, and will, take time....Mon 23 March 2009
... sucks don't it?! Just don't be tempted to lower your standards for the sake of placing a nanny. Once you get that first brilliant one out there, word of mouth will do the rest - you wait and see. Use the 'dead' time (not that I believe you ever have any!) to suss out the competition, look at novel (and - from the sounds of Steve - free!) ways of marketing and use the egg to get along to all those places where mums go to moan erm I mean celebrate haveing a baby. Drop in the old 'I'm starting a business in nannying - do you know anyone who may need someone' and you'll be flat tack in no time. Good luck!
Posted by Wiz'n'Ton

Just a Thought ...Tue 24 March 2009
When we started our children's nursery we photocopied a load of flyers and went to all the mother & toddler groups, parks, libraries and toy libraries and stuck them under the windsreen wipers of every car with a child seat in it. Doesn't cost much and at lease you feel you are actively doing something.
Posted by Am Loolah

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