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My first business networking event!Wed 18 March 2009
Steve and I had been invited to this business networking thing and I thought it best we show our faces.  Steve less keen, citing that it wouldn't be of any use to him, but would support me.  There was wine and nice food and lots of suits.  I stuck close to the event staff, enjoying their genuine chatter.  Steve disappeared into the crowds and got right into the thick of networking! - As he's in the city everyday, he seems to slot right into city life.  Me, on the other hand, I feel submissive and uncomfortable.  There was a clear pecking order, everyone was clear with their tactic, they approach, read your badge, make an assessment of how important you are to them and either move straight on, or stop for a chat.  I observed from the outer circle.  I understand the concept, but I don't like it.  When I tried to engage in conversation outside of the usual mundane business talk, I was looked at like I was nuts.  I'm sorry, but I want to know the person I'm talking to, not their profit margins or how they can benefit me.  There is a person here representing this business.  Talk to ME!  Couple of glasses of red later, I decided to loosen up and try and get with the mingling.  This business woman had hosted this event and she pinned me down to talk about my agency.  I met her husband first who held my hand for a bit too long and had this sleezy grin on my face.  I hated him, but I hated her more.  She launched into a scathing attack on how useless most nannies were, how she had this strict regime in her home, she asked me why nannies were so arrogant.  She queried my business, told me what I was doing wrong, suggested how I should run the business.  I know that there are some awful nannies, but this woman represented the other side, the family that treats their nanny or au pair like a slave.  I don't personally believe that a nanny should be expected to clean a house, their primary role is a childcarer.  This woman was adament that a nanny is there to clean, cook and take care of the kids. She was, in short, a bitch.  She told me some stories about what she'd said and done with previous nannies and I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die there.  She really was quite nasty.  They invited me to their networking club, which is some sort of underground secret handshake type thing of prominant business people.  I personally can't think of anything worse.  But I wonder if this is it, beyond my company I will have to grin and bear this sort of thing in order to be taken seriously and extend my reputation.  Anyway, aside from this jobby, I'd had an earlier meeting with the local nanny training college and we're looking at some sort of collaboration - between their graduates and my company.  I would, in effect, become their preferred agency - currently they work with a few others.  Its a fantastic opportunity and I'm really pleased that despite my being new, they made their decisions based on what they'd seen of me and the company so far.  I left that meeting very excitied, some of their services, particulary contractual and tax advice would be great for some families that need that extra advice and guidance, that currently I only know the basics about.   My advert in the local paper is out, I've put some posters up in local schools, its all coming together!  I just hope I get some phone calls sometime soon!

The CultThu 19 March 2009
This made me laugh, going back to my wedding planner days I was invited to two of these events they are quite common.

The ones I went to only one business was allowed in, eg one florist, one Estate Agent etc etc.

I always felt like it was a cult, the second one I went to was quite scary. Some very odd people there, I remeber one guy there was a secret detective. No so secret after that meeting (He He He)

I also found them quite snotty, there was another party organiser at the first one I went to. She came up to me and bitched that I wouldn't have a chance in the wedding industry. Nasty piece of work she was and I kept bumping into her at wedding fairs.
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