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The ups and downs of our planned new life to NZ, warts and all!

Another 10km! - I'm a changed woman your honour!Mon 16 March 2009
Yesterday I got back from the 10km walk around the vines in the wairapa - awesome!  Wine makers had opened up the wineries so we could all walk around their land and indulge in some wines along the way.  Not me though, I was in competitive mode and wanted to beat my last time - good job there weren't any cops around! I felt great, it was a beautiful day and it there was a fantastic atmosphere in the small town of Martinborough.  After the walk, I headed back to the hotel, not feeling achey at all.  Steve had arranged this beautiful accommodation for us, so I jumped into the spa bath, opened a bottle of pinot noir and enjoyed the sheer relaxation of it. Steve arrived later in the afternoon, so we had dinner, watched a movie, a Kiwi movie, The Map Reader, and then went back to the room.  In the morning, we sat and had coffee on our deck, as the Autumn sun highlited beautiful views of the Wairapa.  Neither of us wanted to leave the peace.  We headed back to the city, Steve to work, me to a meeting with the bank.  After that, I met with the lawyer, boo-hiss!  She used to be a police prosecutor, she's pretty strict about representing anyone that wants a limited license.  I'm a changed woman, your honour.  That's pretty much what my affadavit will be saying.  And for anyone that's interested, I actually won't be speeding around NZ again.  The costs sure do add up!  And there are far too many pigs in the bushes for my liking.  She's decided to represent me, not sure if its belief in me, or the financial incentive, but there's no guarantees of course.  Thank goodness I'm not a drink driver.  Once I'm over this hurdle, I will definitely only stick with armed robbery, the penalties are so much lighter.  So, after all this, I'm sat enjoying a herbal tea and check my emails.  My first nanny has emailed me to stay her car has broken down, so she won't be able to start work and her phone charger is in Welly, so she can't call either.  Grrrr!  Bloody unreliable twit.  My preference had been for this other nanny I'd represented, but the family really liked this girl.  After giving her one hell of a shitty email, I made contact with the family.  I can't believe my first placing has gotten wobbly.  Luckily, the family have decided its not my fault, you can lead a horse to water and all that, but still, I'm trying to reassure families that I only deal with high calibre nannies.  I sure as hell wouldn't pass her details to any other families.  They want to give her a chance, although I was suggesting that they pass her up.  I'm waiving any fees for this family because of this idiot, so all this work and time and calling around, etc has officially put me into negative cash flow, or some such terminology.  I've got a really bad headache from chewing this over 24/7.  How people not take work seriously - especially in this day and time.  I guess I have to get used to this sort of thing when working in the recruitment industry.  I've ploughed a bit of money into some marketing, although I could easily go to town with this, Steve is making sure I grow 'organically' - as he says.  Exciting times!

Good on yaWed 18 March 2009
Nice work on getting your first placement, and bad luck on suffering your first 'let down' of many. You will not believe the excuses you'll encounter - we used to have an 'excuse of the week' board here! You soon get inured to it though, and the motto is - always have a plan B, and then a plan C tucked away for when that fails! Stick to it - you'll be great.
Posted by Wiz'n'Ton

In all honesty ...Thu 19 March 2009
possibly I'd have given the family a discount - but I think you should have charged them something for all your efforts. It's all a learning curve. Ahh, the joys of being self-employed!
Posted by Am Loolah

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