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The ups and downs of our planned new life to NZ, warts and all!

All turned out in the end!Wed 11 March 2009
Rotorua came through for me and I ended up having a great time!  God bless this roller coaster life of mine!  I watched a fantastic maori concert, met an awesome British couple, and we all sat drinking in their hotel until we pretty much got scraped off the sofa.  After that big old walk and big soaking in hot pools, I was more vulnerable to dehydration, so the drink hit me pretty quick!  I staggered into my hotel room, desperate for a cheese toastie!  I ended up chatting to the Australia room service guy for about an hour about, well...I'm not too sure I remember!  I enjoyed my cold toastie and then passed out like a starfish on the bed!  The next morning, I was extremely sick!  My head well and truly dominated my achey legs!  I forced myself to take a nice stroll along Rotorua lake, and that was just what I needed.  The concert mean't I had a free ticket on the gondala and a luge ride.  So I decided to indulge myself, and head over.  The gondola was great, I was anxious about the luge and ended up 'dribbling' all the way down at about 2km an hour!  I was terrified!  All these kids overtook me, but I felt so small and open to massive injuries!  By the time I made it back down, I discovered it was a chair lift ride back up.  Great, a park bench suspended up the face of a mountain.  All I kept repeating was, 'oh my goodness.'  Those things aren't really my cup of tea, but at least I gave it a go.  I then set off for my next adventure, a boat/car thing which, as the name suggest, drives around Rotorua and then goes into the water!  The driver was hilarious, I don't think I've ever met such a funny Kiwi!  I laughed all the way around.  It was awesome, I got to see parts of Rotorua that I never knew existed.  Beautiful forest and beautiful lake settings.  I really enjoyed myself.  I had then wanted to do the sulphur Bay walk, but I got embroided in phone calls and emails.  Reality check for me, I have a company to run!  That took me up to the time when it was time to fly out.  It'd been beautiful weather, and was, despite the whole loss of license thing, very sad to leave Rotorua.  It was Tuesday morning that my body stiffened right up!  I could barely move!  We drove my parents to the airport yesterday evening, and despite the fact we barely saw them while they were here, it was very sad.  Moons who is almost five, is at this stage where she can emotionally hurt.  She's devastated that they're gone and it breaks my heart to see her so sad.  Its a new area for Steve and I as parents, and its a bitter reality.  I just want to take her pain away and feel it myself.  I can feel myself welling up just thinking about her last night, curled up in bed, sobbing into her pillow about Grandad.  I've got two more girls to get to this stage, and then I know it'll get worse from here!  Anyway, in some great news, my business cards are finished, I've arranged interviews for two nannies to meet my first family AND I received a letter of acknowledgement from the head of the department responsible for the sociology paper congratulating my 'A' on the basis that only a small percentage of people were able to get that!  How cool is that?!  And for those of you interested in the whole loss of license system here in NZ, apparantly it comes into force on payment of fines and then you're served with a notice from officers, banning you from driving for three months.  I'm meeting a lawyer next week, who will, once I'm served, get me a 'limited license' which means I'll only be allowed to drive at times/days specified by the court.  I've still got my British license of course, so I can happily go about my driving in the rest of the world.  Its a really, really suckey system, but I know I have to suck it up and bear with it.  As least we do have a Nanny who can drive the girls around, so they won't suffer.  Thank god for lawyers though, eh?  Anyway, onwards and upwards with the business and study now!

Untitled CommentThu 12 March 2009
It sounds like you had a great time. Not sure I agree with the lawyer being able to get a 'reduced sentence' on a loss of licence but if that's how they do it then, hey not my call. Just doesn't seem to be a deterrent to breaking the rules regardless of whether people believe the rules to be daft or not. Good luck with the business.
Posted by moneypen20

WOW!Sat 14 March 2009
You really could save a fortune on fines and lawyers if you just stuck to driving within the law. Speed limits, stop signs and red lights are all there for a very good reason. Frankly, I'm disgusted that you can get your suspension period reduced to driving at specific times and at your attitude to breaking the law in the first place and blaming it for your misfortune at being caught! I wonder just what it'll take to get some people to slow down and observe stop signs. And I wonder how you'd feel if your child got knocked down by someone on such a suspended licence who got it reduce to driving at specified times but learnt nothing from all their previous fines?
Posted by TeamEmbo

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