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The ups and downs of our planned new life to NZ, warts and all!

Suckiest birthday...ever.Sun 8 March 2009
So, I arrived in Rotoura yesterday.  Got a taxi from the airport $30, arrived in my hotel and YUK!  Buckets along the corridor to catch water from the leaky roof, smells of damp and mould.  My bedroom was a throw back from the 70s that even my Nan would pull a face at.  I hurried back through the asbestos to the reception area and politely informed them that the accommodation wasn't 'ideal'  If I'd booked a backpackers, I wouldn't have minded, but I was paying hotel rates - and not cheap either!  They kindly cancelled my booking - at no extra charge.  And so I began my trek, armed with bags to tourist info in uncomfortable humidity.  I'd done pilates in the morning and hadn't intended to exert myself any more in preparation for today.  I finally arrived, sweaty.  They arranged me a room in a nice hotel and I decided to rent a car.  I was told I had to get back to the airport in 10 mins to get the last rental.  Great.  Another $30 later and I'm back, climbing into the smallest car I've ever seen.  I don't  mind though, its a relief not to have to cart my luggage around.  I check in to my hotel - its much better.  After a lousy hotel restaurant dinner and a few too many glasses of house red, I retire for the evening.  This morning, I'm up at 6.30, breakfast and discover registration is an hour out of town - thank god for the car!  I register and then decide to take a tour of our favourite spots in Rotorua.  I'm driving to the speed limit all the time, getting used to driving a manual after so many years - most of the cars are automatics here.  I slow for the same junction I'd passed only minutes before and drop to second.  I have clear visibility, I go.  I then get flagged down by a big, fat greedy cop who's licking his lips in anticipation of edging closer to his 'quota.'  Sure enough it was a 'STOP.'  I politely query why, as its not been before and there's clear visibility.  Its a new road marking, for the cyclists, who apparantly keep getting mangled.  Great.  So as a motorist, I'm paying for road markings for cyclists.  I'm not bitter at all!  He notes my date of birth - today.  Then gives me a ticket.  This means I have totaled the number of demerit points needed to have my license suspended for three months.  He doesn't know this, it doesn't register until I pay the fine.  I drive off and  pull over later to make a tearful call to Steve to inform him that we'd now have to pay a couple of thousand for a lawyer to get it back sooner.  All these years of driving and no problems until I arrive in NZ.  It appears that we're all feeling the brunt of the economic crises, except for the New Zealand Police force, who are doing extremely well.  Before anyone thinks of writing to me about how their Grandpa Willy got mowed down on a bike by a car, please refrain.  I'm in the smallest car in the world, not going fast enough to kill a fly, a hedgehog or a bloody cyclist.  How ironic after driving so slowly around the city all day.  To think, I arrived in NZ with the greatest respect for law enforcement, I will one day leave this poxy little country, and probably wouldn't even spit on a cop in the event he accidentally set himself on fire.  Hey, its a possible hazard with all those paper tickets he carries around and all those wheel spins they do chasing speeders.  Whilst, I hasten to add, violent crime increases dramatically, oh, whooops, we're not supposed to talk about that in NZ, people still leave their doors unlocked at night and all that.  Hmmm....Lovely crimeless NZ.  Anyway, rant over.  I arrive later for the big race.  Its a great atmosphere.  I begin the 10km and feel quite at ease.  I decide to hall arse at the last km taking over the tired ones.  Unfortunately I misjudge 9km and put all my effort in when there's still 2 km to go!  I arrive at the finishing lane feeling like my muscles are on fire.  The DJ guy announces my arrival and wishes me happy birthday.  How nice, my first acknowledgment!  Everyone has family waiting for them.  Except me.  I miserably head back to my rental.  I'm the only one with ONE in the car!  When I park outside the hotel and get out, my body is stiff.  I've been to the spa - heavenly.  Now I'm all dressed up in the hotel bar waiting for a maori evening to begin.  I intend to drink.  A lot.  I've bought a wireless connection so that I can respond to emails about my agency.  I've had loads!  I intend to work around the clock to keep on top of it.  Shame that in a little while I won't be able to drive my appointments!  Happy Birthday to me!

Untitled CommentSun 8 March 2009
Awwww(((((()))))))sorry your b'day was such a mess. Hope the evening improved and wasn't all bad.
Posted by IngStina

Happy Belated BirthdayMon 9 March 2009
I just don't know how you managed to do all this.
Posted by Cassie 10000

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