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Winter in NZ (photos)- but the day ends in A+E!Sun 6 July 2008

We were excited to learn that it had been snowing quite significantly over NZ the last couple of days.  Quite local to us as well, we decided to head to the Rimutakas today to see the snow.  Every other local family obviously thought the same!  Cars were pulled over and the kids were making snowmen.  We did our bit!

Steve gets to work:

The final work of art:

Our little Jack Frost enjoyed the ride on the car! 

Unfortunately as our days tend to go, it was not all fun and giggles.  We arrived into Martinborough and Steve and I were talking about lunch options.  Suddenly Moons let out a god awful scream and Steve hurriedly pulled over.  She'd gotten her small finger stuck in the electric window.  Her finger swelled up instantly and she was beyond consolation, she really, really screamed.  Moons is a pretty tough cookie, so its unlike her to be so upset and writhing in pain.  I pulled her onto my lap.  Steve went into a petrol station to ask for the local medical centre as I was convinced it was a more serious injury.  Being out in the middle of bloody nowhere, we had to drive 45 mins to Masterton.  Of course, the drive took significantly less than that.   Moons screamed the whole way and sobbed onto my shoulder.  I was holding back tears, there's nothing worse than seeing your child in such pain.  Pip slumped forward with a terrified look on her face.  We pulled up outside the medical centre and after moons was given some pain relief, she eased up.  She soon asked for some chocolate.  Phew, things were better for her then!  The Dr saw her and decided that her finger could have a fracture, so best we head to the local hospital and get an x-ray.  It was a busy old day for the emergency admissions in the Wairapa, there must have been, well, at least FOUR people waiting.  The receptionist was terribly flustered with the demand and really painfully typed like someone who'd never used a computer before.  The calibre of person waiting to be seen in the hospital was making my jaw ache from frustration.  Every single one was using a community card.  There was a drunk guy who struggled to remember his birthdate, he had a neck ache from a WEEK ago, but had decided on this cold, Sunday afternoon to wander into his local free hospital.  There was the token Maori family, reeking of old fags, looked healthy, no idea what they were there for.  A couple of others sporting mullets.  The whole mullet thing in NZ never ceases to amaze me.  Was this a haircut maintained since the 70s, or did they one day decide, hey a mullet will really suit me.  There was some confusion as to whether the x-ray department was actually open or not.  Some guy took our referral letter and said he'd read it and get back to us.  Half an hour Iater  I asked the receptionist if he was still reading it.  Our daughter was looking brighter, but still craddled her little hand.  Pip was tired and hungry.  I was starting to feel dizzy from not eating all day, being stressed and carrying Moons on top of the baby in my belly.  It is SOOOO hard not to get irritated whenever I'm in the hospital.  Staff always seem to mingle around chatting while people wait, they WANT you to know that your time there is in their control and they will not be pushed.  The admin staff ALWAYS make me think of that skit in Little Britain, 'Computer says no.'  And this ladies and gentleman, is where our lovely tax money goes.  As I don't smoke anymore, I can only think of excuses to leave the waiting area and pace around using my mobile phone.  I decided to call a couple of other hospitals in Welly to see what their wait time was.  Even if I did still smoke, I would have been put off out there.  Christ, all these mullet heads in tight blue jeans blowing smoke through their nostrils.  Yuk.  They should use those images as opposed these annoying 'shock tactics.'  I'm sure most people would be put off thinking about these leatherfaced old hags chuffing away in their dirty, 70s best, then an image of black lungs!  While I was on the phone, Steve said we'd been called.  I knew I wouldn't be able to keep my frustration in check and I was feeling pretty lightheaded, so I opted to take Pip and sit in the car.  What a day!  Luckily her finger wasn't fractured, just pretty badly swollen, so its taped up and she certainly seems more settled.

Ah well, at least its her birthday tomorrow!  Although Steve and I now have to sit up wrapping presents and I'm pretty sure he wants to get into our new bedsheets as much as I do!

Winter's day in NZ A&EWed 9 July 2008
New Zealand's steady decline from a thriving, forward-looking nation with one of the world's highest standards of living into the sort of dysfunctional chaos you experienced at the A&E is one reason so many talented young kiwis give up and move overseas. The more who leave, the worse the situation becomes. Thank goodness we are still able to lure people like Littletoe and Steve to come here and fill the gaps!
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