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Ticking over to 31 weeksFri 4 July 2008
I've been insanely emotional the last few days.  Crying over silly adverts one minute, yelling the next.  I'm dreadfully uncomfortable too.  Moons used to kick me all the time, if a waistband I wore was too tight, she'd kick me, if I put anything on my belly, including a magazine, she would knock it clear off!  She'd even punch at the waterline when I was in the bath.  Pip on the other hand was a lazy roller.  Periodically she'd just turn over and my belly would flop with her.  This baby I picture as more of a rugby player, it puts all of its weight and gusto into ramming the side of my uterus, or worse still, ramming down onto my cervix!  Just last week I got this wicked pain shoot through the right side of my uterus.  I gasped and put my hand to the side, only to feel the outline of a baby pressing up against my side! I had to move the bugger over.  Sometimes it'll bear down hard when I stand up and really make me wince in pain.  My pelvic bone is finally giving into the pressure.  At night its really painful to move, the pain has increased dramatically over the last couple of weeks.  Going from me grunting to me biting the quilt when I have to turn over to now just shouting at the Heavens.  The other night I could barely sleep and I sadly have to admit to crying quietly because it just hurt too much and I didn't want to wake Steve.  Paracetomal isn't helping.  I saw the midwife yesterday and she's referred me to a physiotherapist.  I didn't know that was possible, but she's sure that I'll get some results from a few visits.  She also asked if I was taking my iron tablets.  I'm not sure if its the black, weary eyes that gave it away or the fact I sat there slurping coffee like my life depended on it.  I told her its really hard to remember.  My iron levels are very low and iron tablets take a little while to work, so I should now take two with orange juice.  It is reassuring to know that my extreme tiredness levels and dizziness is from something lacking in my system rather than just, well, I'm a weakling!  Today was fantastic, Steve used the excuse of the truckers protest not to go to work, so we spent the day shopping for Moons birthday next week.  As most people weren't using their cars, we pretty much had every shop to ourselves!  I love shopping for my girls.  We bought an array of toys and clothes, of course, we also had to buy a couple of bits for Pip too.  It was hard for her seeing all these toys!  Unfortunately our wonderful morning was cut very short by a voicemail from Moonie's school asking where we are.  She finishes earlier on a Friday.  I'd had 12.45 in my cotton wool brain, in fact it was an hour earlier.  Whoops!  The school were none too impressed and our poor little girl was sat alone, reading a book and eating an apple when we arrived.  Friday is also a day when they don't have lunch, so she was starving.  Yes, I cried about that all the way home.  We did buy a cute little all in one winter suit for the quarterback in my belly.  It was surreal to purchase our first baby item, and its probably the first time I have actually felt a bit excited about having the baby.   I'm SO excited about next week, Moons birthday.   Amongst other things we bought one of those little playhouses, so our plan is to put her pressies in there in the morning.  Since we put Moons and Pip back in the same room, they've become incredibly close.  So much so that earlier Steve went in to find them asleep in bed together!  The other morning we had to laugh, we were rushing around as usual and Steve told Moons to get herself dressed for the day.  A little while later I heard him shouting for me.  I walked into their room to find BOTH of them in their swimming costumes, very happy indeed!  Pip even happier because she'd taken her nappy off to get the full effect of her costume.  I have also found museli bar wrappers and other snacky food wrappers hidden around the room where obviously Moons sneaks downstairs to raid the pantry for them both!  This is such a good age, Moons old enough to converse and help me, and Pip old enough to be mobile, but incredibly cute with it.  It makes the idea of a third a little easier to cope with because I hope they will all be equally as close.  God, its hard to ever imagine not actually being pregnant though.  Next month I will be considered full term, so the baby is welcome to come at any stage.  I mean, VERY welcome! 

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